Unique settings ICRPG


Thinking about it, Junk’d might be too focused on miniature play. I’d like something more narratively focused - rules you could run Mad Max in TotM.


If you like actual play podcasts, the Adventure Zone’s current season is all underwater, and I think it is the most creative season they have done yet. The ship rules are very interesting and I think they would actually fit pretty well with ICRPG style play.


I think you could still use Junk’d for some parts. Perhaps when traveling over long stretches of highway they have to play a round. Win and they get there unscathed, lose and they deal with the complications of being stuck along the way.


Maybe I’ll check them out!


Have you seen the hard suit ICRPG, someone was clearly inspired.


I wouldn’t call it “truly unique” by any stretch, since Lovecraft’s work has been around for a century and Sandy Peterson’s Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium is celebrating its 40th anniversary, but my own simple one-page cosmic horror hack (back and front if you include the list of suggested Trained & Expert Skills I use) provides a materially different genre-specific feel using tried and true fundamental ICRPG mechanics. As an homage, I set my game in 1920s New England, but virtually any time and place can be made suitable for cosmic horror. As a counterpoint to the mind-warping paranormal weirdness in an otherwise reality-grounded low- to no-magic world taken from the pages of history, I use my own homebrewed “pseudorealistic” firearms rules for all the gunplay. Luck and Sanity reserves replace the Hero Coin for a substantially darker, grittier, high-lethality tone to the game, respectful of the source material that inspired the hack. HF demonstrated ICRPG’s potential for cosmic horror scenarios with Beneath the Door, and I know @glocke has been running his own Cthulhuesque campaign recently. Hacking ICRPG for cosmic horror is easy to do and refreshing to play, so I encourage you to try it for yourself sometime.


I agree: Cthulhu-oid ICRPG is fun!


ICRPG Renegade Legion: Legionnaire, Centurion, Interceptor, Leviathan… All mashed up with elements from the various WORLDS settings.


I am working (attention-surplus syndrome, anyone?) on a The Dark Crystal and a Darkest Dungeon-hack.
You could also take the SCP Artbooks and use Black Light to have your agents battle or deal with a new SCP every week/month. :smiley:


I am working on Dragon Age hack. I have races, classless list of abilities reflecting the lore, spells and lore-based rules for magic (Fade, demons, blood magic and demon attention, lyrium) and Taint and I want to do the loot tables, but there is a ton of items in Dragon Age and ton of items in ICRPG and I am lacking the will so far to go through it :slight_smile: Also didn’t even draft any bestiary yet.


I don’t mean to be egotistical but I posted some stuff to support the core Cthulhu ICRPG rules in the book. I posted them a while ago.