Underlair of the Demonlord Mercedes Sodacan: Level 4


Guys, I’m not going to lie — it’s been a long day and I almost didn’t post, but by Crom, there’s only 3 more days/levels to go. Welcome to the Court of the Scab King: mutant vs scabbie warfare, power armour, and Slayer’s “Raining Blood”.


I love that you’ve been keeping these at 5 rooms per level. It makes mega dungeons seem more manageable.


Thanks for posting these! I’ve got a group of OSR players that are “ICRPG curious” and these will be the perfect way to capture their imagination!


Thank you. I wanted to maintain the “pace” of ICRPG, and that meant less rooms with more happening than a normal survival/resource megadungeon


This is simply awesome dude! :herocoin:


I will give you real monies for a PDF of all of these, with accompanying GM notes! This is such a wonderfully bonkers dungeon!


Thank you. I call it a low-attention span dungeon. All killer, no filler. I will (eventually) post a PDF for the community!