Underlair of the Demonlord Mercedes Sodacan: Level 3


Day 3 brings you: the mad AI “Bosch”, an unexploded nuclear bunker buster, cyborg transformation, and the first dungeon faction - the Scabbies. If the players keep their wits about them, this should be a good “recharge” level.


Dude, I am loving this series of dungeon spaces. Excellent work, man. :metal: :herocoin:


Thank you! New level going up tonight. Time to meet the Scab King.


This one especially cooks with fiya


Thanks, Hank. Forcing myself to come up with a level a day has been an interesting experiment- not enough time to overthink, too little time to get every level right. Good practice for the 31 “area” dungeon I’ll be drawing during Inktober.