Ultimate Effort Show's Ultimate Encounter Throwdown


It’s been super fun!

As an update, I have now set up all 28 encounters in Roll20, screenshots have been taken of every board, and we are playing a bit of every single one — Tonight! Once all of the footage is done, the final selections will be made, and then the episodes will release. We will sit down with our very own Mono on Sunday to record the episode announcing the winners!

Again, I cannot stress enough how amazing all of these encounters are.


I present Randall, the Elven Navigator that will join Xander’s character as we explore these 28 encounters.



God speed, brave space psychic.


How is the project coming along?


It’s going great! We’ve just got a few more encounters to play through and then some editing to do before we release the mother load of videos. The holidays have slowed us down a bit, but we push onwards! :shield::heart:


Congratulations on making it through playtesting on the last of the submissions; like very many of us here, I am excited to see your reviews and your results when the Ultimate Effort Show makes its illustrious return to YouTube this week or the next. :shield: Bravo…


Thanks, @chrisbynum! All of the extra work and time has been worth. Every encounter revealed extra facets during actual play that we did not appreciate during the document review. I am super grateful that the community has been supportive and patient. The process has been amazing in terms of really shining the spotlight on everyone’s hard work (ultimate effort!).


Any idea on when the winners will be announced?


Hey @targ8practice, I hesitate to give a specific date. All I can say is that the final edits are in the works. But I anticipate sooner rather than later, so within a week or two for certain.


Great job everyone, 4 hour video. But, loved seeing how so many creative minds work. Good luck all.


It took a couple nights to work through the video but I have to say it was inspiring to see everyones designs! Great work to all the creators and a big thank you for Alex and Joe for putting together that awesome video!


You guys are certainly putting the “ULTIMATE” into ULTIMATE EFFORT by reading and playing each of these submissions; a veritable RPG trial of Heracles! Excellent way to build up the community. :weight_lifting_man:


Just wanted to say again how much fun we had with the Encounter Throwdown! All the effort you put into reviewing each one, just wow!! We love creating adventures and finding a community that loves it too… EPIC!! Also it was super fun to cut you three into our youtube short recap.


We had a ton of fun with it too! Such a huge amount of creativity on display from everyone. :heart:


We were all grateful to receive cameos in your videos! We appreciate you both very much.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but is there still a plan to have the encounters of this competition published in book form?


You can pick up the winning encounter, The Gravity of the Situation, on DTRPG - https://preview.drivethrurpg.com/en/product/427787/the-gravity-of-the-situation-a-plug-in-index-card-rpg-room-design

Would be good to have all that hard work shared with the community though.