Ultimate Effort Show's Ultimate Encounter Throwdown


The Ultimate Effort Show with Alex and Joe is having an encounter design contest! One winner will find themselves the proud owner of a set of Monomakes original dice!

Check out the vodcast and find the contest rules in the video description.

Give us your best shot! :muscle::shield:


Interesting, very interesting…


I can’t wait for the gems that will come out of this one!


Great! I can’t wait to submit my room design.


I worked on my room design while at a training today.
What will happen with all of the room designs once you have reviewed them?
Also, are multiple submissions permitted?


The rooms will be featured on an episode and eventually posted here if folks agree after submission. I’ll be reaching out to entrants individually in this regard.

Only one submission per person. You have one room to impress Joe and me. Make it wicked fun!


May all your dice roll high!


I think I have an idea… and I might tie it to what I am working on for the Great Gerblins pocket jam…

Is there a page/word limit?


No sir. No page or word limit, but you might want to make sure you submit a PDF small enough to email.

You could just submit a phone pic from your journal scribbling, if it’s a cool encounter. Remember, it’s the encounter that matters, not the graphic design (though, we are fine if you go all out there too)!


Sounds good! I have an idea that might require two pages is all.

Looking forward to what people come up with!


Are you ok with screen-shots as example images to supplement the submissions?


Absolutely. Rock on!


My submission is in! Woot!


It’s very reassuring to see the buzz around this competition!

If it continues, I might add runners up prizes! :slight_smile:

More submissions please! :sunglasses: