Ultimate cardboard dungeon Terrain



After seeing both the video for ultimate dungeon terrain and the images of cardboard terrain. I naturally had to merge the two together for myself.


There are not many active youtubers doing cardboard terrain…I looked. I don’t think any are active. And there are 4 or so videos in total.


It looks like you’re onto me… :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Totally, this is one of those things that has potential for legs. Might take a few weeks of experiments and learning workflow, but this can be a popular endeavor, you might be able to make a channel around it.


i would totally sub to that Channel!


Check out this maniac…


I have been! This guy is a beast!


Remember to acknowledge your influences perhaps better in the description of your videos. It’s poor form to not acknowledge them or mention to them what you are doing through their influence.
No reason to to sow bad blood. Make friends and influence people, more flies with honey than vinegar and or whatever else concept you can think of.
Recommending a subscription to them or a like, is a pro to good will and you being authentic is the most important factor for the type of people that might be your intended audience. Then again I’m probably wrong since I’m just another idiot, or lumpy head!


What videos are you referring to? Got the links?


Im planing on making some cardboard terrain crafting videos soon.

Here’s a link to my channel…

Im still working on re-branding


Nice! Also, in your original post you mentioned 2 videos, one from ultimate dungeon terrain and the images of cardboard terrain. Have you got a link to those?

I’m also subscribing to your channel :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was actually already subscribed!


These were the influences I was talking about.

Ultimate dungeon terrain



I made some cardboard terrain awhile back and got a great response from people on here. I think it’s great if you don’t have the time or money to invest in super detailed terrain. Look forward to watching your videos :+1:


Here is my first attempt at a crafting video!


That was good. I asked the PVA glue question simply cause it’s going to come up.
As this goes on, remember to sell the concept of having a bunch of terrain after a weekend of effort and very little money spent. As well as being capable of safety using a knife.

A portion of my soul hates that I just said that. But there are people who will blame you for telling them to use a knife or hot glue gun and cut themselves or burn down the neighborhood with the glue gun.
Over a beer one day we’ll talk about how we got to where that happens, but till then error on the side of caution and remind people to use tools they know how to use or something.
And well done!!! I’m actually going to try that when I get home again!


I also commented in your video. Really dope man. I will try it out, as I would like to have some terrain but I don’t have much time nor budget nor storage space for it!