Tutorial Adventure Module?


I’m currently working on a way to teach new players how to play ICRPG as we play, so we can jump straight in. So basically it will play like the tutorial at the start of most video games. Has anyone tried a similar thing? Thinking of introducing each aspect a room at a time, so one room might teach melee combat and then the next goes into magic casting/picking locks/a effort task. All with a story line that flows and shows off how engaging the game can be. Any thoughts/advice is most welcome…


IMHO I think it’s as easy as presenting them with a situation, tell them they can do anything they can imagine within reason (and magical reason ofc) and ask each of them what they do. Sure it’s a game but the Roleplaying part is total freedom of Choice that is the most important thing to realize when being a Playing. The mechanics are very second to this.
But answering your question :slight_smile: A big PRISON room is a total Classic. Guards can be bribed/charmed, stuff broken/opened… secret stuff found etc etc. Then go to combat.


I like your idea on individual rooms with different aspects. The beauty of this hobby is there are so many ways to go about doing a thing. Also, maybe you could make this room thing a serious adventure, and not just a tutorial. Maybe one of the rooms randomizes your race! Another may be a water room and you enter it like the stargate. Get to it! Start sooner rather than later! :popcorn:


I recently taught my nieces and nephew (ages 7 - 3) how to play using the Tooth of the Agnar adventure in the QuickStart. I threw my middle schoolers straight into the thick of it with the Molok Madness encounters. My sister-in-law’s first encounter with ttrpg was with the Doomvault. I suppose my point is to not be afraid to dive in and explain as needed beyond “you can do anything you think your character could do and roll dice to see if it works.” It’s pretty easy to “ease” them into it when you can boil the rules down to an index card or bookmark :wink: Honestly, the hardest part is teaching new players which die is which haha


I had done exactly this and it took only 15 mins to teach the game to complete RPG noobs.

ICRPG is simple enough that you don’t even need to do this. Just explain STATS, EFFORT and LOOT and you are done. Rest you can explain and guide your players during play.