Traveling / Chasing with Effort


Hey shields,

a while ago I’ve had the idea to play traveling and chasing scenes as challenges with hearts and effort. Hope you like it!


PS: Dorin Hammerzeh is working on a version based on the THINK DECK - stay tuned!


so we mentioned this in chat but i think its important to clarify that you need to still make an attempt to utilize your effort in a chase, but yes this is GOLD!! chase mechanics were always a fickle thing to me and i can definitely see myself using them in the future


works very well.

In the chase I did last Monday each player has his own score of effort to beat, that way each player has to run the same distance and overcome obstacles.

What happened is one player ran to fast and got to safety.
The other two huddled around a torch to Repel the flesh eating worms that where chasing them.

The one ahead returned to help his friends, and so they all triumphantly escaped together.

All I had written in my notes for that encounter.

Flesh eating Worms, thousands, Chase with Think Deck


From just reading the words “travelling effort” I’m so impressed. Never thought of effort for travel. Brilliant!


Simplifying chases even more would make a nice tool for running away in a dungeoncrawl/pointcrawl type game. Players have to make a single check (DEX for stealth, STR for sprinting, WIS/INT for navigation) within d4 turns. Players who escape quickly can opt to slow down and make the checks EASY for one ally, at the risk of being caught if the player they’re helping still doesn’t make it.