Travel rules in Worlds?


Does ICRPG Worlds have mechanics for traveling? That may be the deciding factor in whether to buy it or not.


Probably not in the way you are thinking. Like all of ICRPG, everything is boiled down to its barest essence, and so you won’t find anything more complex than “it costs two supply to travel through this location.” That being said, the Ghost Mountain section has rules on supplies which can easily be adapted for travel.

The primary reason to grab Worlds, beyond a whole new setting (Ghost Mountain), new loot table, and all of the location hooks, is the tiered loot paths, imho.


As an aside, the Blood and Snow supplement has tables for trekking hazards and travel.


Agree 100% with @Alex. WORLDS is a treasure trove of info, including a hyper-simple and easy travel system and is well worth purchase for everything in it.

However, if you need more meat to travel, you can check out JOURNEYS on dtrpg


If you want a more mechanical travel system, I’d do it like this:

  • Measure travel in Hearts (like everything else) based on how hard/long the trip is. Also give it a Target :slight_smile:
  • Create Attempts based on the heroes stats. Navigation? Survival? Driving? Piloting? As always, successful Attempts create Effort (based on loot, etc. Usually basic effort, but it can be weapon/tool effort or even magic effort for spells specifically for travel).
  • A failure on an Attempt creates a problem / random encounter, etc.

Just an idea. Hope you enjoy.


Check out the bone road episode on DungeonCraft has an interesting travel mechanic


This is a really cool idea and I’m stealing some of it.


I have Journeys. I have questions about it. I might be misreading or overthinking though. Every day of travel is one heart, right? Does that mean Basic d4 Effort on a player’s turn counts as progress towards the heart? And if a day passes every time it’s the GM’s turn, if I’m reading correctly, that gets me a little confused. Could you clarify that or correct my misinterpretation?


I like that. It’s simple but pretty satisfying. How do you know when a day of travel has passed? Or might a Heart represent a day of travel?


My take…if it is important, travel typically represents use of resources. horses would be D6, feet D4, magic carpet D8.

Characters have to have food and water and use those on trail. foraging for food offsets use of rations, but slows down travel.

a trip might be 3 hearts of effort (6 day trip for 3 characters), they roll for each day, succeed and roll effort, fail and no add. but resources are used every day! If the effort is spent foraging…does not add to the trip but adds to provisions.


Man, sorry but I’ve only seen your reply now :frowning: forgive me

I hope you have found the answers you wanted

Here’s what I do: when I determine the number of Hearts the journey has I also set a time frame (Core, p. 17). Each Attempt consumes that time.

So, if it’s a short journey I set the time frame in hours - each Attempt is 1D4 hours (e.g., going through the sewers to reach the escape point of the walled city, traversing the forest to reach the witch’s candy house before she eats the children). (You can set a specific time instead of rolling, with each Attempt being 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) If it’s a long journey (traversing “the wilds” to reach “the lonely mountain”, for example) I set the time frame in days - each Attempt is 1D4 days (again, you can set it to 1 day, 2 days, a week, etc.)