Tooth and Claw - a WIP Index Card and Token set


Hey everyone,

its been a couple weeks now since i’ve really engaged with drawing and wanted to get back to it and show off what I’ve been working on.

This will be a set of index card and tokens in both black and white outline as shown above and in color.

Does anyone know the name of the dinosaur in the bottom right?

Also I assume people recognise the bonus dino in the bottom center position.

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. also anything you would like to see in such a set?


Ooh I’m very excited for this project @Abodi

As for the bottom right, perhaps a protoceratops?


Yep that’s the one. Thanks Kane,


I’ve added 4 index cards : mammoth, triceratops, Dino egg nest, and claw marks.

The mammoth and triceratops are tokens also.

I feel like I need some set pieces, gotta see what I can come up with. Anyone have any suggestions?


Volcano? Tar pit? Saber tooth tiger?

I love what you have so far!


Hmm… how about:

  • Cave paintings
  • Neolithic Village
  • Sacred Stone Monument
  • Black Rectangular Monolith
  • Village Bon Fire
  • Elder’s Smoke Vision
  • Dinosaur picked at by scavengers
  • Circling vultures
  • Hibernating Bear cave
  • Watering Hole
  • Lagoon
  • Dead End of a Canyon with precarious rocks
  • Lava Field
  • Ice Field
  • Glacier
  • Ice Crevasse
  • Sleeping Predator
  • Fossilized Remains
  • Rack of Spears
  • A Giant Rack of Brontosaurus Ribs
  • A cloning lab
  • Electrified Fence
  • A Jeep
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Flares
  • A Can of Shaving Cream


I added a Volcano and a Electric Fence index cards. It didn’t make sense to make either of those, the egg mound, or the claw marks cards as tokens, so I made all the Index Cards both B&W and Color as VTT assets also.

See below for an example of the Electric fence, T-Rex, and Claw Marks assets

To those just visiting the thread, please do not touch or approach the fence.