Thursday Night Shenanigans


Gang, our very own @thearcanelibrary (Kelsey Dionne) rocked it in the DM chair Thursday night! I am pretty sure she definitely was trying to kill us all, but as you can see, our ragtag group of heroes from across the ICRPG universe rallied to save the day. Of special note, @JDStirling delivered some of the best lines from any game anywhere.


Tunyu was a great character. But if Sanchez was anywhere near as much fun to play as he was to listen to I bet you had a blast.

You really rocked that character!

Also great job @thearcanelibrary those agnars were awesome!


Heheheh. Thanks @Venteck! Yes, Sanchez was a ton of fun to play! Of course, rolling two nat 20s to pop in one session was just pure icing.


Yeah that were exhilarating moments and epic characters right off the bat.

Especially loved that @Runehammer blamed his sword on the misses.


You guys were so much fun to run a game for! Absolutely incredible moments, gameplay, and roleplay from every player/character.

The “Dirty Sanchez” maneuver is now canonized in all my worlds going forward! :smiley:


Another great session by the Oathsworn. So much fun to watch the mayhem that comes out of these Thursday night sessions. As always, the players hit it out of the park. Kelsey (@thearcanelibrary), you rocked it in the DM chair.

Strength, honor, and beer my friends.


That session was such a blast.
So simple, so random, and the ony time I’ve ever stat maxed a hero just for fun


Jeez you guys, this was only a one shot?!?!? I wanna see some more of this, the cross genre characters are fantastic, @JDStirling you killed it with that monologue! Everything was so cool. @thearcanelibrary you have some great GMing chops and can hang with the best of em. As with everything on RFE you all left me wanting MORE! Hopefully you can take up Kelsey’s offer to continue on when Jason is finished with his arc :smile:


Aw shucks!!! Thank you so much. :blush: It’s easy to look like you know what you’re doing when you have such a great group of players!