Thundercats One-Shot~! (Now Full)


For a while I’ve been wanting to run some 80’s cartoons as one-shots with thematic pre-gens for the main heroes and adventures that will scratch a nostalgic itch for myself and other children of the eighties!

I am ready to kick them off on September 4th at 5pm PST using Roll20 using ICRPG. First up . . . Thundercats~!

If this or potential similar games on other old school properties (I am eyeing some live action stuff as well), let me know and I will keep you in the loop.

For now, if you would like to poor some sugary cereal of your choice and join us for a Thundercats one-shot on 9/4, hit me up. Again, pre-gens will be available so no prep on your part, just show up ready for some good times. I am planning for up to 5 players.


As an aside . . .

@Runehammer taught me that ICRPG can support any flavor.

@Alex showed me some time ago it’s true when I played in his Robotech game. One of my earliest experiences on the VTT.

@JDStirling reminded me about how I’ve been wanting to get to some of these 80’s one shots when he posted his 8-bit stuff.

Thanks, guys~!


I gotta say man, I really dig what you are doing. The supers games have been amazing, and I love the themes on the old 80s cartoons, as an advertisement for folks on the fence about signing up for this, @Wildstar is a great creative GM. I can’t recommend jumping into one of his games enough!


Thanks @TheWunderLich~!


I’ve got a couple bites on this one so there’s 3 seats of 5 remaining.

Here’s the pre-gens (featuring the Season 2 cats as well~!)


Picks are in order of sign ups. (Panthro is taken and it looks like SNARF is too heh)


Snarf Snarf Snarf…


Dude. This looks so awesome. Really great stuff.


The pregens will each have a standout stat, some tags, and custom powers all thematic to them.

Currently 4/5 seats are filled.


This is on for this Friday. We have room for one more if anyone here is looking for a one shot game this week. Some great players from this community will be at the table and the flavorful pre-gens are pretty dope~!


We had a 5th player sign up so this is now full. For the others who are interested or were tentative, I expect I may run another adventure on Third Earth down the road.