Three for Thaturday! FULL GAME



Who’s up for a game this Saturday night (18th) around 6pm Pacific? Jason Scranton and I have been building a dungeon kit and the second delve must be made. Do you have the stones to be one of the 4 brave heroes in search of wealth and fame? First 3 volunteers are in.

Since the death of good King Henryk, the devistation of Durathrax, and the fall of Gray only the strongest, wealthiest, or bravest can bring order to the world. Find them here, in the ruins beneath Dragons Reach on the eastern coast of IRE.

The old sea cave has opened during low tide, and each night the guard of the Reach have been overwhelmed by restless dead. Something stirs deep within the crypts below the city, can you discover how to stop it before the seasonal tides close off the entrance and seal you inside?

(7 point builds, Alfheim)


Certainty of death, small chance of success. What are we waiting for?! I’m in if there is still room.


If you still have a spot, I would like to be in this!!!


@RushWingate you’re in! You, Jason, another Joe, and possibly Matt will brave the depths below the Reach.


Artaius of the Wood.
Old, grumpy, but with age comes wisdom! His knees may be stiff in the mornings, but hes steadfast, sturdy, and true… the power of the forest forever at his side As he keeps his mates well healed and battle ready.

Take mind though…the old codger has a trick or two of his own bound up in that spell book made of fig leaf pages and cedar wood binding.

Be wary!