Threats Treats and Timers DICE


Hey guys, some peoples were asking for TABLE TENTS for the threats timer dice, but I had another idea to set them apart. I am a massive fan of paper minis and paper materials that can fold flat and be easily carried. So i found this pattern for a D4 dice and dropped the artwork from the table tents on it so it matched up a little bit.

You can print this full size and cut it out and just stick it together for your own large size paper D4 Threats Treats and Timers dice.

It holds together well enough for just pressing the tabs in… took me about 5 minutes to cut it out and i without glueing or taping, you can tear it down and fold it flat to carry to conventions or your FLGS and have a large size Timer dice!


This is awesome. Cool prop, visible from the other end of the table. Thanks.


Such a clever response to the request!


Sweet, now my players can quit swiping my d4’s.
Me: and the timer goes down 1 to…where is my timer guys?
Them: We don’t know but pretty sure it was on 4.
Me: …


This is an awesome idea!



I finally had some time to try to create those “timer-tents” based in @ChrisWolfie 's TN tents.
All the credit is to the original creator of the art, I’ve only copypasted chunks of art to rearrange it.

This link will led you to a folder with a pdf version of the timer-tents, the original images, and a GIMP file with all the layers for those that want to tweak them. But do it under your own responsability (The layers are not fully arranged and I named them in spanish cause I’m from Spain.)

As final thought I totally recommend bind them together. That way I put them over my GM screen and ocupy no space over the table.


Nice to see them in use! Fantastic idea with timer display, especially if timer is predefined for room.


Excellent adaption @ QuimiceFran

How are you binding them, is there some sort of tool or is it all hand punching with an exacto?


Yep, I made the holes with a tool.