Thinky Sheets Catalog


An ICRPG community project…

A gathering of scenarios using ICRPG monsters and tactics. 2 pages per numbered entry, left page is a map of the encounter and a right page with the rules and monster in an encounter example. Or switch it up if like… variety is good.
If everyone wants to submit a couple of entries, we could make a huge community tome!
Look at the template as a “suggested” format. I will compile the 2018 catalog as soon as the last day of the year is over. With an ETA to be determined after the New Year.



yep…this thread is OFFICIAL ICRPG material!
I do agree about archetypes…totally optional…
monsters can go core, worlds or original… and hell yeah style…let’s unleash it for this thread!


@Ezzerharden As long as its HF approved, I am good.


Awesome stuff! What file format do you want submissions to be in? Also what size document? Like 17”x11” (two letter-sized pages next to each other)?


I think we should use a Letter size page in landscape (11 x 8.5) and a TIFF, DOC, PSD, or PDF would be ideal, but I can take it just about any format and convert it to PDF for the catalog.

The larger 11x17 Tabloid will be too big and not allow for printing at home. :grinning:

Plus this will force us to “keep it tight” (as @Runehammer likes to say) and consistent for the pdf (without too much squinting)


Here is my contribution, an encounter called the Gerblin bridge. The players have to cross a raft bridge full of Gerblins, while the ropes are being cut. How will they get across? (I was only allowed to upload .jpeg, so that it is)


@Ezzerharden That is a very good idea. ICrpg is, to me, a “rooms focus rpg” and in the corerule book there are a few rooms described but i wish there were more.
This is where the community can be quick, powerfull, effective and epic … We need to gather to create a mini pdf of Room Design ! ^^
Someone must make a call to be sure that all the community get the message!



What do you paint with? :paintbrush:


Hardware: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Stylus
Software: Autodesk Sketchbook.

Its been my favorite for years!


So I’m pretty new to ICRPG, but I’m loving the algorithms / heuristics for designing rooms.

I haven’t specified a target, since I haven’t playtested this yet.

Danger If you don’t reach the island where the medicinal fungus grows, the children of the village will surely succumb to the terrible wasting plague …
Energy It’s a race against time to reach the island … the longer it takes the more tentacles appear to grasp the boat, and if the boat sinks …
Wonder Below the still waters of the placid surface, far, far beneath in the abyssal depths, something stirs …

The first warning you have is the blooming of silt and mud, mushrooming up from below and spreading wide around you / the boat.

Suddenly, grasping, whipping tendril like limbs emerge from the lake, towering over and around you / the boat!

Its ancient, dreamless sleep invaded by your splashing progress the Kraken has awoken!|

Encounter tuning:

Difficulty Set the Target (Difficulty Class) according to how well the PC Party has done up till this point …
Damage Increase / decrease damage done by tentacles
Disruption Wind pushing swimmer / boat back toward shore
Duration Tentacles that hit do damage to boat / sink boat (boat has 2/3 hearts?)

Any comments or criticism welcome


@Middleagedspread: Thanks for sharing, love all the details you included.
Will they have to cross back the same way? If so, I would plan to change it up just a bit to keep the ‘wonder’ aspect.

  • maybe the players find loot or information on the island which will make the return trip easier. (Information like ‘kraken hate fire’ could be communicated via an old charcoal cave drawing)
  • maybe another sea monster is attacking the kraken with the players in the middle.
  • maybe there’s a broken portal. Fixing it will be less dangerous than another river crossing, but it will take more time.


@Middleagedspread, great room design, dude! I would take this straight to the table. The only thing I would change is to count the boat as a Tool and upgrade it to Weapon/ Tool Effort for crossing, leaving swimming as Basic Effort. If the boat is destroyed everyone is forced to swim for it.

Really great stuff with nice Threat. I dig it. Take a Hero Coin, amigo. :herocoin:


This encounter looks like a ton of fun, and frightening to players. I may have to borrow this… Mwahahahaha!


I had planned for the lake monster appearing only on the way to the island, having been beaten back and licking its wounds for the return journey, but I like your idea of finding something to change the encounter on the way back.


Yes, using the boat as a tool makes sense, though the boat already offers the benefit of allowing PCs to collectively chip away at the obstacle of crossing the lake through the joint effort of rowing (each PCs effort adds together to reduce the hearts), whereas swimming would be individual effort (each PC must reduce the target hearts individually). An alternative might be granting the use of tool effort if a PC has a background of fishing or sailing.

Of course you may need to taylor the encounter to your party, for example if you have a Hill folk Wildling with hillman’s belt doing the rowing, the rest of the PCs could be waterskiing off the back of the rowboat …


In my mind I imagine the Hillfolk rowing while the rest of the party waterkies behind with weapons in one hand fighting off tentacles (LOTS of Dex checks!!) Reminiscent of the “Barrel Escape” scene from The Hobbit (the movie… didn’t happen that way in the books).

Then my Elf Ranger with “Michael Phelps Swim-cap” (roll double ULTIMATE while in the water), will meet them on the other side with a “what took you so long mates?”


Say I’d like to contribute to this, and also say I know nothing about desktop publishing. What program/app might I use to make something that looks OK? Is hand-drawn and hand-written acceptable?


hand drawn is more than acceptable… just scam it or take a picture and submit them. let us know if you need help.


Ok. It’s my first time. Feedback welcome. This is similar to the other lake encounter posted earlier. I made this for my Trash Island dungeon that resulted from an index card tarot spread.