Think Deck



I was surprised to come to the forums and not see anything about the Think Deck that Hank just dropped. Take a look. Looks like a great idea generator on all levels.


I may get it at a later date, just got myself the Dungeon World deck he made!


This looks awesome, it’s now on my wishlist!


I ordered the Think Deck soon as I heard about it, though I admittedly haven’t heard much about it beyond the broadest concept. Hope it arrives in the next week or so, and I can begin fiddling around with it.

But what is this DW deck Hank made, of which you speak?

#5 this is it!
Unfortunately, I live in the grand tundra up north… so I have to wait about 7 weeks to get it… :frowning:


I think I am going to pick this and the deck of 52 up for my birthday in January.

As a note, if anyone just decides to get the PDF and DIY the printing like Hank said, I had the Curse of Strahd Taroka deck printed on 110lb Silk Coated card by a local print shop and it came out great. Very nice feel to the actual cards. Depending on the shipping cost I may have to settle for doing that with this one.


I too ordered immediately just haven’t been on forums yet lol. And now I’ve watched Hanks YouTube video about it as well. It looks amazing and the idea generator is fantastic.


It truly looks gorgeous. Tho I sort of already use ICRPG’s index cards exactly like this, as I printed them in mtg card size.


Got the PDF when I saw his video. Need to print them still and try but I love the look of them! I would love a set of the printed set but postage for me was £12+!! If they are ever printed in the UK I would love an actual set.


How did you do that? :open_mouth:
Can we get a guide, please?


Same problem :frowning:

I looked at a few custom card UK/EU sites, but ends up costing way more.

Also tried colour print sites, but when you upload the pdf its annoyingly slightly offset, so the backs would be slightly off-centre and my perfectionism cannot deal.

Anyone found a decent solution? At this rate I think I’ll just wait till I deserve a treat and pay double :scream:


How about printing the fronts and backs separately and sleeving them together?


I’m pretty sure we just printed them in half size (2 pages for each sheet). I used A4 sized paper. Then we glued them to thin cardboard with bar glue and put them inside some cheap tcg sleeves.

You can find a little more discussion about it on this topic


edit: pages, not papers lol


Hey! Thanks a lot! I’ll maybe think about doing this myself! Cheers!


I would really like to see the orginal ICRPG cards available on DriveThruCards or some other venue where I could order the physical cards.

The Think Deck is a really cool concept though.


I just got mine! :grin: