Think Deck Chase Obstacles -- Updated



Hello my Brethren of the all mighty D20 and :beer:

After some good help from you guys on discord I have got my basic chase mechanics together, (Effort Vs Timer)…

but what do I throw at my players…?

Instead of rollable tables I have gone for the Think Deck, not as prep, but really go mad and do it live in the game.

The Cards

LESSER FOE - Mooks stand in the way, Hit and Run

LESSER OBSTACLE - Jump, Crawl, Open, something Minor to move along

LONG RANGE - Run, the path is long

DOORWAY - Gate, underpass, gap in the wall, Doors

GREATER OBSTACLE - Hard Jump, Climb, Overcome the big

ALLIES - Your friend behind you in trouble, or an Ally on the way

DEADLY PERIL - Avoid Damage from an Element, Trap, or some other strange and deadly

REVELATION - The shortcut, something to block the enemy - double your effort

TRICKSTER FOE - The wrong way, going in circles, the fools path - Half your effort

ROLEPLAY FOE - A guard, a puzzle, something you need brains for

SUPREME FOE - The Alpha, Quarterback blocking the path, Hard hitter and challenging

DOOM - Raise the stakes, Fudge the timer, make the bad worse

TARGETS TIMERS - use them how you see fit for the situation, modify the targets, rolls or change targets

How I use this

I have my Region where my players are, let’s say CAVES, that is my power word to work with.

I draw 2 pairs of cards, to create 2 options for the runners, make more or less options as you see fit.
Draw 3 cards if you need more detail.

Some examples of draws
Trickster - Supreme foe = In the open cavern, you see nothing but the path on the far end ahead, something feel off here.
(Ambush from an alpha, sneak past or go for it)

Roleplay - Revelation = The Goblin tell you he knows a faster way, do you trust him or proceed the path in Front (trust the little guy and be rewarded with double effort)

Long Range - 4 = A long stretch, you get some speed (+4 to effort)

Revelation - Doorway = An open Door, from the other side there is a locking mechanism (Block the path, double the effort)

Another Example

To your left there is a heavy sturdy door… Up ahead the long corridor something moving in the dark.
What do you do?

Think quick, Jason is right behind you

Some extra thoughts, so far I treat all suits the same, you could give each suit it’s own target from 10 to 18

Make black normal and red cards Hard

Remove some cards to change up the probability of the run.

To finish off, its nothing really that special, but it helps me to create the situation and gives the deck more utility instead of just the prep.

Also less prep notes…
Bad guy chasing them with meat cleaver, grab the deck :metal:

Updated with combination of Glockes Chase Scene, we revamped the cards with POWER WORDS


Hail and well met.

I really like this approach, will be sure to try this out. Could you maybe give me a breakdown on how you handle the chase mechanics?


The base is really easy

Timer - for enemy chasing you, or fleeing (set to 4)

:heart: Effort on the Obstacles to catch or escape

Each player has his own Heart Effort to beat, so everybody rolls.

Change timer or increase target to mess with the difficulty


Ah I see, yes this is a much simpler way then what I was currently using. I was using a simplified version of the chase rules in SWADE.


There will be a PDF Version updated in collaboration with Glocke coming soon. We are brewing like mad right now.

All with a nice Layout


I am watching this thread for the PDF.


Check original Post above.


Thanks for this! I have used this as the basis for a more setting/situation specific tool for building an obstacle and enemy leden road.


Your welcome

With the power words the goal was to give it something very loose to work with.

RP Foe - a guard does not need to be an NPC, it could well be in combination with a door something locked, maybe a laser canon that guards the door.

It is definitely fun to just draw things in the game and have an improv jam encounter and see what happens


My biggest stumbling block right now, in trying to do a Road Warrior time course with obstacles and encounters with enemies at high speed is figuring out how to do a role play foe - what that really means in the context I’m using it.


I found an RP Foe does not necessarily mean an NPC, it could be a puzzle, a mind Challenge…

Maybe the engine is about to blow, make some repairs whilst driving (think Fury road someone below the truck)

or perhaps somebody is playing a round of chicken with you (ok thats an NPC again, still could work.