Things to do with Arcane Bands


I recently picked up EZD6 and really love how light and flexible the system is. I’m a long veteran of role playing games, so the concept of Circles of Sorcery is a familiar one - a generalized category that lets you produce specific effects on the fly. I can see where this feature, while wonderfully flexible, could give some players pause.

Today I started thinking about: What all can you do with each circle? I came up with ideas for each that I want to share here and get some feedback. Some of the ideas may stray a little outside the basic description of the circle, so don’t hesitate to point out whether you believe it to be a fair estimation or not. For this post, I’m starting with Arcane Bands.

Arcane Bands
As written, the conjurer can move and grab things that are near, within 30 feet. Moving a man is easy while moving an elephant is difficult. So what else can you do with them?

  1. Grab one or more things and move them. This is an extremely versatile ability.
  • You could move an enemy off a ledge and make them fall.
  • You could drop an enemy into a hazardous area - a pool of water, lava, vat full of toxic yuck, etc.
  • You could whip an object at enemies to do one strike of damage like a ranged weapon.
  • You could lift a heavy object and drop it on enemies.
  • You could grab an enemy’s weapon and pull it out of their hand (claw?). Very good use if the enemy has a dread weapon of some kind.
  • You could pull out a rope or support holding a small bridge and cause it to collapse with enemies on it.
  • You could give an ally an item, like a potion, without having to move to them.
  • You could push enemies in melee away from you so you can move.
  • You could pull yourself up a sheer surface by wrapping around a rafter, tree branch, large boulder, etc. Nothing says the thing you move can’t be yourself, as long as the distance is near.
  • You could catch a falling ally.
  • You could grab items that you can see, but can’t reach. They might be behind a barred gate, outside a prison cell, or in a tunnel too small to enter.
  • You could lift items off an enemy, like a ranged pick pocket. This would be hard to do without being noticed.
  1. Ensnaring an enemy. This ability is pretty cut and dried as far as what you can do with it, but there are a few alternative uses. Since keeping something ensnared requires anchoring, you can only do one thing at a time.
  • Ensnare an enemy. This temporarily takes an enemy out of action, but also makes it vulnerable to the attacks of allies. Ensnaring a dangerous enemy should give your allies a boon to attack it, at least until it breaks free.
  • Ensnare a portal. Portal in this case means doors, gates, portcullises, and so on. You could bind a door shut to block reinforcements or delay pursuit if you’re trying to run away.
  • Securing something. There’s a deep drop to cross and the rope bridge is cut. Use the bands to pull it back over and bind it until you can cross. Did you just drop a barrel over an enemy? Bind the barrel shut so they can’t get out.

That’s what I have for Arcane Bands. Let me know what you think.


I could definitely see arcane bands being used to hold together an otherwise broken item/object. If I were the RR, I would also entertain it being used to create circles of protection.