"The Witcher" Classes are here!



I don’t mind the questions at all! I have InDesign, but haven’t used it in years. I just use Photoshop now. I’ve been using it for a long time and there’s a ton I still don’t know. I just started by using a few tools that I understood the basics of and then as I tried more tedious work, I found better ways to either use those tools or figured out that another tool was available that would do the same thing but easier. I also search youtube once in a while to figure out how to accomplish specific tasks.

I typically use my mouse for borders and layout but i also have a cheaper drawing tablet for artwork that’s more delicate (but I’m not very good with that yet). Just to change that ribbon, I’d try a Lasso tool to select it and then use a Layer Adjustment like Color Balance or Hue/Saturation. I have an older version of PS so not sure if that helps LOL.


The advice is much appreciated! It looks like it will be a long journey to get up to speed with photoshop, but I suppose that’s exciting :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on the MONSTER section today and I just uploaded 2 more sample pages to the OneDrive link in case anyone is currently looking for some monster ideas. More to follow!


Amazing stuff Kindred.


Love it.
So gonna mine this when yer done


I added a couple more Monster pages to the file to get through this weekend, enjoy!


I finished the Monsters section; I didn’t cover every single monster from the series but I’m at 31 of them. I also made some (.PNG) tokens for the monsters for use on VTT’s. I just need to finish some world primer stuff and it’ll be done. Came in at 102 pages so I went over my goal a little bit.

Here’s the link again for the preview pages and the token files:


You are a bad ass! … those look outstanding… I can’t wait to show these to a friend of mine who is in love with the Witcher at the moment… Well done @KindredGame On!


Great work here man!
Gonna mine this fo sho when I start up my next campaign.


Alright for anyone following this post, I just uploaded the finished PDF to my OneDrive and made a new post as well. For quickness, here is the link to the new post: World Setting for The Witcher