"The Witcher" Classes are here!



I’ve been tinkering with some class conversions from The Witcher series. This is just my take on them so feel free to hack them and make them your own. If you know The Witcher, then you may see my similarities to the different Witcher Schools and some of the more known Sorceresses. Let me know what you think or if you see something major I overlooked. Thanks!
Link: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnfnHpdtXMH-hARO_Dg3Yn41sCkh?e=upbPlL

Hybrid Class Ideas

I just realized I never fixed the Elder Blood class after I made some gameplay changes so there will be an updated file later tonight.


This is awesome! I haven’t played much of the Witcher games but I’ve always loved the monster hunting aspect of them.


I hope you enjoy it or get some ideas. If nothing else, there are some new spells to use with the MAGIC book LOL.


Very nice work and very nice presentation. You have my kudos!


Alright, I got the Elder Blood page corrected and uploaded so the file is now completed. Feel free to download!


Is the adrenaline point idea from the witcher too? Or did it come from anywhere else in particular? I could see it working well for other abilities. Like shouts in Skyrim.


There’s ways to use adrenaline in the Witcher to cast signs but mainly I just wanted something to make Witchers focus on physical attacks since that’s usually how the video games go. And since the mages have more powerful spells, I thought it seemed fair to have them use AP instead of HP to cast.


It’s a really awesome idea. I might have to use that.


I love this so much, including different classes for each of the different schools is a great idea!


Thank you, I thought that would give multiple witchers in a group different feels, plus different schools may not get along which offers some RP opportunities!


Just a few questions after a quick read through:

Would you start Witchers with all 3 of those starting items, or just have them pick one? The Core Rules would say they’d get one. They might be better balanced against Mages if they get all three.

Do you start Witchers with Formulae or Signs, or is that Loot they’d find along the way.



Thanks for the question! I was planning on all 3 to help them start more advance since they are trained Witcher’s after all. I looked at it as all signs are available to them from the start or they may only know rank 1 of each to begin with, GMs choice. And the formulae, I’d say let them pick 1 or 2 to begin with and then find the rest throughout adventure. Or if 2 Witcher’s dedicate enough time maybe they can train each other. But again GMs choice always rules here! Lol


Bumping up. As it is my destiny to do so.


You’re awesome! I’m watching it on Netflix so when I’m done, I may have the urge to fine-tune this file LOL. But, if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all :wink:


Damn dude, reading it AGAIN and I love it! Thank you for letting my old stuff inspire


So after finishing the Netflix season 1 and reading through my “classes” supplement, I decided I will begin working on a campaign setting in the world of The Witcher. This is in early stages and I’m currently trying to finish another project so i don’t know much yet. I think it will take place mostly in the Northern Kingdoms, offer some primers for each region, and probably some monsters and loot tables. I do not think it will offer pre-gen characters from the series since I already made a class guide AND because the world should be your own to explore, not follow already fleshed out characters. Thanks and I hope someone looks forward to this LOL.


Hell yes! Never liked the games much but love the series. This is great and I look forward to whatever you come up with.


No I have not quit this project yet for anyone that may be interested in The Witcher. I’ve been working on making a Campaign Setting that will be similar to Alfheim, but with The Witcher’s land and lore. I’m currently 66 pages in, but as you may know, there is a lot of info in this game’s world LOL. I still have a ways to go, but I’m hoping to stay under 100 pages as the official “The Witcher Pen & Paper” book is 336 pages!! Woah! I’m also integrating my class creation manual right into it, along with some pre-gens, tons of locations with lore, quests, and hopefully a monster manual as well.

Anyways, for a sneak peek at a few sample pages, check out the following link:


All of this is really great, thanks for sharing.

As someone who just took the plunge with the adobe creative suite trial, I have a couple questions for you (assuming that you’re using those tools).

Do you create things like the page borders and decorative icons in photoshop or indesign? I’ve been fiddling with Hank’s adventure indesign template and can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the color of the red ribbon at the top of each page. If you have any tips at all about how you familiarized yourself with the tools I would greatly appreciate it!