The Wisdom of Alex



To me, no one on this forum has been more helpful than @Alex. His responses to questions are consistently helpful to me as a GM.

Is there a way to compile his words of wisdom?

I tried typing “Alex” into the search bar, but the results were tedious to wade through!


The advanced search functionality of the forums is pretty nice. You can filter by only posts by Alex and then add in what you’re searching for and you should get a some good options instead of just everything under the sun.


Wow. That is super high praise, and it made my day! I’d like to think that my years of experience and earned insight might be helpful to folks, although I usually think that my advice and a cup of coffee might only be worth a cup of coffee.

But don’t just listen to me. There are a ton of folks on here who also give great advice. Khan, Kane, JDStirling, Dennis, Chuck, Lon, Big Grump, Skippy, DM Chef, Kindred …. The list goes on, and I’m sure I am leaving a ton of folks out, not to mention the man himself, Hank. All of us, together, make this thing go, and our differing perspectives are what make us better.

Finally, I would also just say, hit me up directly any time. I do enjoy hearing from folks and triaging problems or brainstorming fun encounters together.


Thanks so much! That was exactly the help I needed!


Next time I need some advice, I’ll for sure hit you up!