The Turnip Knights: A Halfling Oneshot



Greetings from the land of Second Breakfasts! I’m finally releasing this one-shot I’ve been working on. Special thanks to Kelsey, Joe, Zac, Dennis and Rodger.

Here are some of the features:
• 5e and ICRPG versions
• Three encounter maps in high-res for VTT and print-to-table
• Four pregenerated Level 1 halflings & three new enemies (with printable standees & VTT tokens)
• Volume 1 of Paldoran lore, an optional homebrew fantasy setting

Here is a little promo video I made for it:

Here are links to get the adventure from my website for $4.99:

Click here to get the 5e version

Click here to get the ICRPG version

Get The Turnip Knights at DrivethruRPG for $4.99:
D&D 5e rules: ICRPG rules:


Wow, Alex, coming in hot! My intent with this project was to make a fun one-shot using my favorite fantasy race. I structured it as a three-encounter adventure and I commissioned an artist to do the PC and enemy portraits. In order to cover the costs of the art and to pay for future projects, I’m charging for the product.
I believe in creating usable, playable, enjoyable content. This particular one-shot was playtested, and I included print-to-table maps, and all assets for VTT or table. But the artwork costs hundreds of dollars even for a one-shot. That’s all.
Thanks for your candid feedback.


@Dave_Thaumavore I do agree with @Alex that pricing shenanigans can be a turn off. I don’t think Alex was commenting on your content at all, just the perceived marketing tactics.

Otherwise i think the product looks pretty cool.


I changed the price display immediately upon reading Alex’s first post.


Do you plan to make this available on DTRPG?


This adventure was well thought out and so much fun to play! Excellent work, Dave! Totally worthwhile at any price, not worried about a trivial penny. I absolve the lore for your world too, looking forward to see what the next adventure and lore volume brings. :heart:


I love the title :smiley:
If markdown pricing works, rock on! There are many paths :slight_smile:
Great to see you creating, DT


I just picked up the supplement, and it’s really good David! Excellent roll charts, content, and it’s beyond awesome to get a complete VTT kit with it, thanks for your hard work on this, can’t wait to run it!


Alex was commenting on both things, and did come out hot. He backed up his opinion well. I’m not agreeing with its level of intensity, but cool with the concept.

That said, Alex probably felt it was not really adding to the discussion and his most heated point about pricing was addressed so, no issue…probably, or not worth further discussion.


Was Alex’s post withdrawn? If you guys are open… I am curious what the detail of it was…

I too am curious about the prospect of publishing one-shots like this and a charging model that at-least supports the effort and allows continued improvement makes sense to me.


it was to the effect of “don’t make it look like it’s on sale, if it’s not actually a sale.”
It had a price and it was crossed out and then a lower price. eg $7.99 $5.99

Dave has since removed the crossed out price.

otherwise it looks like a cool product i think i might pick it up
@Dave_Thaumavore would you say it’s kid friendly?


I’d say so. There are some monsters in there, and at worst there are a couple of gruesome details in the random flavor tables for them like “bandolier of halfling skulls.” I’d say it’s a hard PG.


@Wildstar Yep, here ya go!


Thanks @Abodi. I had some buddies message me about the delivery, and the feedback has been dead on. So, I’ve taken down my hasty post. That sort of constructive criticism should have been a private message to Dave and not a public one.

Here’s the reality folks: @Dave_Thaumavore is a super sharp and talented guy who doesn’t need gimmicks to market his stuff. It’s that good. I hope he retains that level of confidence going forward.

As for the quality of the module, I purchased it and was not disappointed. Like Age of Snakes, Dave’s book craft is always solid, and his adventure is really tight and well-written. The layout and format is killer in a way I wish more modules were written. In addition, the included tokens and art are great.

Some of you know that I have been playing a halfling character in 5e for almost two years now, and that’s because halflings are super fun! Accordingly, this supplement is awesome, and I wholeheartedly encourage the community to get behind it.


fair enough :slight_smile: i am glad you chose to go with your heart both times.

First, in making the original post, who does not deserve our 100% real honest opinions and thoughts more than our good friends and shield brethren?! In fact i believe what makes a good friend great is when they feel strongly enough about something that they are willing to share a hard truth or something they believe strongly, knowing that the friendship will weather whatever disagreement, debate, or discussion that shall follow.

Second, I am glad you chose to also remove your post, like you said, that sort of constructive criticism could instead have been a pm, and sometimes life is about subtlety and having a personal tribunal about something that is on your mind rather than a big tribunal with the group :slight_smile:

Sorry for all my inane ramblings here, its just my behavior therapist brain coming out again lol. But i felt like this could be a cool moment to show the Camaraderie and care that goes into this community. I love seeing over and over again how things on this forum go so differently than just about anywhere else on the internet. I say this all the time but it bears repeating, this community is just so doggone positive and constructive i almost don’t believe it sometimes.

All of you guys are very talented and i respect and appreciate you for all you have contributed to not only my GM game, but to all of the other folks on here who play some ICRPG just a little bit mo’ betta than they used to :wink: Y’all are my shield brothers and i would hope that if i posted something that gave you a strong reaction, you would give me the courtesy of your unadulterated honest opinion! you guys are awesome!


Thanks for adding it to DTRPG @Dave_Thaumavore . I asked because I try to buy all my digital RPG stuff there lest I forget where the heck I got it should I need to re-download or update it. One stop shop.

I recently received Age of Snakes in my mail box and am really digging it! I will be picking up this as well to be worked into my games!

Finally, for supplement creators out there, I am a sucker for VTT resources I can have the ready (tokens, maps) as well as tables. So I love seeing stuff like Dave puts out that includes all of those for the ICRPG system and the adventure itself is icing on the cake! If your community made project has a bunch of tokens and VTT maps, I’m probably picking it up. :slight_smile:


Oh, and ICRPG ready monsters . . . love those, too!


I was happy to playletst. Had a great time with it!


I’ll be finally getting around to running this tomorrow, Saturday 7/25 @ 4 pm PST (Your time here: ).

I have 3 of 4 seats full and atm can take one more. So, I thought I’d offer it up here for someone who has been interested in it. The players already on board are all welcoming and great. If you’re new to ICRPG you’re welcome to join us as well. With Pre-Gens being provided you’ll be ready to go!

Roll20 w/ Discord.

Drop a note here or DM me. If the spot fills I’ll post again.

(I know there’s a looking for players but I didn’t want to start it up for just one seat. I figured this thread would be good to notify those who have been keen on this this community made one-shot. :))


Hi Dave. Just purchased TTK as an introduction to ICRPG for my group of 5e players. I was going through everything at a glance and noticed that on Rollo Quickthistle’s page, one of his Tags reads, “Teleport Stone: A family heirloom allows”

Am I missing the rest of that sentence, or just not putting two and two together?

Otherwise this looks like it will be a lot of fun and a perfect intro.