The Spooky Shriek



Shared this in the Kiln, but I was just messing around this morning and built this spooky Shriek monster to frighten potential adventurers. Still working on the rest of the Shadow Monster set, but we’ll see how this support monster ends up playing into the rest of the team.

VTT Token


Any obsidian system users here?

That’s Awesome!

I also really love that monster template. I might have to borrow that concept for fill-in-the-blank printed monster cards.


Very cool monster and I also love the monster template, especially the checklist on the left and side.


Excellent monster! What does that template come from? I found your Monster Worksheet on the forum here and there are definitely a few differences.


I showcased my Monster Stat Card in this video here with my Fishmen monster set:


Thanks, will check it out!


Impressive. Is it undead?


Hmm… you could probably call it an undead. In my head, I was imagining these things were like the boogey men in cold, dark forests. That or denizens of some shadow plane that adventurers found themselves in, unfortunately.


Looking fantastic! And very nice VTT token~


Hmmm, so not necessarily undead. More challenging still.


Here’s the mook for the Shadow Monster Set: a Torch Tooth

These little stinkers have terrible eyesight and can only see things when they’re stationary (sort of like an opposite T-Rex). They’ll swoop in blindly, hoping to hit something, but otherwise, once they see something they’ll carry them off and roast them with some fire. They don’t have a ton of health though, so they’re kind of squishy.

Playing with the Shriek’s support, the Shriek can hopefully help keep people in place for the Torch Teeth to see them.

Now to go find out what the Brute and Boss are going to be :smiley:


its more of an aberration to me, or a demon


All that remains is the big boss now that this brutal HUNCHBACK is complete :smiley:


And Cyphyus, the SHADOW BLIGHT, finishes the Shadow Monster set. Together this whole team emphasizes movement in someway and should be a pretty formidable force.

Hopefully I’ll get to run this team through its paces against some characters soon!


this is an awesome set of monsters Kane! Again, the sheets are super cool, I love the check boxes!