The Runehammer VTT FAQ



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What is the Runehammer VTT?

The Runehammer Virtual TableTop (RHVTT) is an online campfire to gather ‘round. It is simple, fast, minimalist, and atmospheric… and that’s all it is. Just maps, tokens, dice, and you. The rest lives in pencil, paper, friendship, and imagination.

Who can use the RHVTT?

Any Runehammer Patron can use the RHVTT as a Game Master, but everyone can be a player. Just share the link with your friends and you’re good to go! No account needed.

How do I create a game?

Log in with your Patreon account, name your game, and drop in a background image. You can also just skip adding an image to leave the background blank.

How do I get back to a game I created?

On the RHVTT Homepage, there is a GM Drawer at the top of the screen that lists all of your games. You also have the option to clean up, delete, or export a .zip file of your game(s) for later (drop the .zip file in a new game to import all of the maps and tokens).

How long are my games stored?

Games may be autodeleted if they have not been used for 30+ days. After that, it may be cleared from the server. You can store games on your own by exporting them from the Homepage.

Are there any image size limits?

Background images max out at 10Mb and will scale to fit into the 16:9 play area. All other tokens are limited to 2Mb.

How do I manage the tokens I want to use?

All tokens and images are dropped in from your file browser. Simply drag in the token(s) you want to use. Once they load in, you and all other players will have control of anything selected by using the tools encircling the token.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

The RHVTT supports most of the common keyboard shortcuts you might know. Copy, paste, and things like that. For example, try double-clicking to ping a specific location.

How do I change scenes?

In the GM Drawer (only visible to the GM), clicking on any of the scene icons will change the scene for all players. You can also rearrange, add, or clone scenes there too. Cloning a page will duplicate everything, except the background, allowing for quick scene changes.

Can I play music?

Yes! Just drag a .mp3 file (max 10Mb) into the tabletop like any other token. It will continue to loop until anyone stops or replaces it with another file. The music player controls will be hidden until a .mp3 as been added.

Can I do anything with the Dice, Player Tags, or Music Player?

The Dice, Player Tags, and Music Player are draggable and can be moved around however you want (Dice can only be moved around the edge). If you want to return them to their original position, just right-click on each one.

Can I use a mobile device like my tablet or phone?

Phones are not recommend, but tablets work for basic touch support. We advise GMs to use a computer.

What do I do if something weird happens?

First, try a Hard Reload/Refresh (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+R) of the page or clearing your cache. If the problem continues, document the issue and report it on the Runehammer Discord Server at #runehammer-vtt .

Are you going to add more features?

Potentially, but most likely not. All intended features have already been implemented.

Is there any full documentation or tutorials I can look at?

Check out the RHVTT Feature Guide. If you have other questions, you can always reach out in the Runehammer Forums.

Who do we have to thank for the RHVTT?

Hero coins galore go out to Hankerin Ferinale, Kreeba (for getting the ball rolling), and glocke (for the current iteration of the RHVTT).


Runehammer VTT Feature Guide
Altered State/Warpshell HUD's I made for Owlbear Rodeo

Thanks for this!! I only use the forums and watch Hanks videos on YouTube, and I’ve felt the info on the VTT had been lacking big time. heck I didn’t even know it was released until just recently in his video. And all I knew was it was a simple system, so again this right here gave me more insight to what it includes. Again, thanks Kane!!


It’s just… wonderful :cry:


Very impressed! As an improvising DM & draftsperson I do wonder if there be a drawing tool in the pipeline. Guess I’ll have PS on the side so I can drag in drawings until such a gift is bestowed.
Greetings and thanks for the update Kane!


based on what i’ve seen and heard I wouldn’t expect any drawing tools.


Yo, what’s the best way to hide parts of a dungeon in RHVTT for a crawl?


Either pre-cut rooms into rectangle shapes and add them in as you go. Or use like a covering token (like Bearcat’s fog token) enlarged and layered to the top to simply cover things.


Ok. Thanks for replying @glocke!
Thanks for all the awesome work you’ve put in! :smile:


A quick update to the main FAQ post, but it was announced that anyone with a Patreon account, regardless of whether you are a Runehammer Patron or not can be a GM. (PDF has also been updated)

So let your friends know that there’s an awesome VTT out here, available to anyone! :shield:


Is the VTT still available or is it shut down now? The page won’t load for me. Thanks!


It’s working for me.


That’s weird. I get an error screen saying that the site can’t be reached.


I just tried it on my phone with no problems.

icvtt dot net


Make sure you’re going over to the new domain at

Things got moved over and all the faqs and stuff applies but after a certain amount of time you can’t edit posts anymore haha


That helps. All the links i’ve found were The one you gave actually works for me. Thanks!!!