The Proving - Blood and Snow one shot



Thought I’d share a one-shot I created for Blood and Snow. I was experimenting with a “one page” adventure sheet, so I apologize for the “mess”, lol…thoughts?


This is excellent. I love the format and the simplicity. I could see things like this helping a group get started or just play a one-shot.


Thank you! It leaves enough open for the GM to fill in the world and keeps things moving & streamlined


Love the flow & format.

One thought: those Target numbers seem pretty high for a one-shot considering the gear they start with.


Hmmm…true. They’ll start with standard equipment, as per the rules, I was just giving them some additional slag arrows. So, they’ll have other weapons. And I plan on giving them 2 characters each (as recommended in the rules). But yeah, maybe I’ll tone those numbers down…I was just taking the landscape target number suggestions out of the Blood & Snow rules. But I don’t want to demoralize or kill them all right off the bat, so maybe I’ll drop them in the earlier encounters and slowly make them harder as they get near the Skorlax. Thanks, OldBen!


You’re welcome! It makes more sense now. I originally read “Each character starts with” on the graphic to mean “this is the only equipment they start with.” Then with Target 16 on the first combat… I was like “it’s gonna be a TPK in the first half-hour!” Lol!


Lol…and that first encounter is just a flashback to the earlier battle that happened that morning, that killed 1/3 of their proving group and stranded them on this side of the ice bridge. Gives them a chance to test the combat system, narrate their heroic actions, etc…they’ve already survived, so this is a chance to “tell the story” and familiarize with rules