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A plague doctor type that I hope has a bit of an interesting niche at the table. a Master of status effects perhaps? Not based of any game or media in particular, I based most of this types abilities on a Wikipedia article. The Art is from
It is not my art, check him out though, They got good stuff.
As always, if you have any thoughts or get to play this at your table let me know here!
Oh and this was my Take on this type, but what would your plague doctor be ideally? I’m interested in knowing if my version fits your concept.

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This looks super cool. I have a player running a doctor/alchemist/werewolf, I’ll have him look at this and see if any of the abilities look like stuff he wants. I think master of status effects is a really neat angle to work on.

There are a couple of things I might tweak myself (I’d like to see Bloodletting work off of the patient’s HP, the Doc cuts you for 1HP and removes a status effect). Overall I love this trope though, and you’ve got a ton of inspiring concepts here.


@Micah369 It would for sure be way more accurate for bloodletting to take from the patients hp honestly. I thought about doing it being a no roll action that sacrifices 1 Hp of the patient and does just like youve said. I thought it’d be kinda funny to do something like sacrifice 1hp from a target to remove a status effect from them, if the roll was an even number, heal Basic effort to them. How does a change like that sound?


This is super-cool! Love the abilities and the loot. Keep making stuff like this!:grinning:


I like the 50/50 chance there. I’m thinking now, what if it was like, Doc cuts patient for 1HP, rolls WIS to remove a status effect. On a fail, doc can cut you for an additional d4 to make it a success.

That’s getting a little fussy I think. :laughing: Main thing is, what you’ve got rocks and it’s really inspiring. It makes me miss my Plague Doctor PC… :sob: I’ll have to try and play him again some day.


Just updated the type to include that change to Bloodletting. thank you @Micah369 .


What are the chances? I was just thinking to myself what a plague doctor character type would look like. Well done!


@RPGhack thats a good point, The changes to Bloodletting was this

Old: Roll WIS and Sacrifice 1HP, pick a target within Close to remove a status effect and heal them for Basic effort

New: Roll successful WIS, deal 1 HP dmg to a Close Target to remove a status effect from them, if the roll was an even number, heal Basic effort to them.

Edit: Just now realizing that said “chances” not “changes”


I really dig this. I would love to play as it sometime!


I’ve started my first solo rpg using this character and so far it has been a blast.


That sounds awesome, how’s it going? Id like to hear about the adventure if you dont mind sharing!


The character has been a ton of fun, but the solo bit is a little clunky since it’s my first time ever running something like that , other than that it has been fun. I am using the “One Page Solo Engine” to run it during slow points at work (shhhhhh, don’t tell). I think most of it’s supposed to just be done in your head but I’ve had fun writing it down as a quasi-story including the rolls and draws I have to make. I’ll post that next but keep in mind it’s just going from head to page so it’s not edited or anything


Pre story: Vestus is a local Plague Doctor in the town of Gauhz. He is both necessary and feared, as anyone dealing in such a trade as his typically is. He is quite skilled in healing and cures but charges for it, gaining the ire of the Clerics who (though less skilled) offer their services for free. Let them appease their gods, he has to feed his belly and keep a roof over his head. The local blacksmith, Mitch, has it out for him for reasons unknown (the truth is,despite being a big burly guy and Vestus unnerves him. He will never admit to being afraid of anything and that only makes him more mad). Mitch will do just about anything to make Vestus’ life as hard as possible. Vestus’ goal in life is to try and make the Cleanse spell into a potion to aqurie a tidy little profit and live out the rest of his days at ease. Today, though, a particularly catching flu has taken over Gauhz and Vestus is taking a day trip to Port Town to gather some supplies…

Day 1, Room Rating 12- Vestus arrives in Port town around noon. The normal goings on seem to be off somehow (3) wouldn’t it suck…if the port was closed? Right as rain, it was, but maybe his shipment is still on time. Vestus pulls over a familiar faced man who is hauling a box of goods to a shop to question him. “Did any of the crates from the Hillcrest arrive”? “No(1,1), but if you’re lookin’ to get your herbs there’s a good chance Vic is till in stock. Things have been slow around here the last few weeks” he says groaning as he shifts the weight of the box and continues on his way.

Vestus heads down towards Vic’s shop and catches him off guard with the ringing of the bell. “Ves” …“Vic”. With the pleasantries over, Vestus scans the shelves for what he needs; they are (4,5) fortunately in stock. He bundles up the rest of them and brings them to pay. Vic eyes up the pile and raises an eyebrow, “Not leaving much for anyone else there Ves. No knowing when the port will open again. What happens if someone needs them”? “ Well, then they will have to come to me I guess. It’s a job Vic and you know as well as me that these are better off in my hands then some ruddy Cleric. Half the town is infected and somebody has to do something to help or jolly old Mort will be over his head in corpses”. Vic rolls his eyes with a sigh and accepts the small pile of gold.

“I gotta boogie, but what’s the short version of the port closing”? “ Well from the sounds of it a (spade 9, club queen) some Entertainer dabbling in mysticism has given the king a pretty poor fate and has flown the nest. All ports in the surrounding area have been shut down until he is apprehended” said Vic sourly “Half my stock is on the Merry Tom which was due in this afternoon. If any more folk like you show up and buy me out I might get to close up shop early”. Vestus sighed and gave a curt wave as he walked out and ambled his way back to the path leading home.

He was hoping to get back in time to start brewing the first batch with enough time to beat the dinner rush at the Rusty Pig when (9 clubs, 7 diamonds, goal 4 spades, ) when a donsy of Gnomes shuffled out of the woods with the clear intent of relieving poor Ven of his goods. “ Move it pipsqueaks or you’ll catch more than the flu from me” (intimidate 17)he said as he tried to bustle his way through the group. He didn’t have time for this, he wanted his fish and chips tucked in his belly before Mitch and his hammer goons showed up to raise hell. Though he didn’t have his mask on the rest of his garb must have helped because the three stepped back after shooting looks to one another. He stepped through and one mustered enough courage to mumble , “ That’s racist”. Ves continued walking until he felt a small thud on the back of his coat. “W…we have a job to do boys”.


I am rooting for this man Ves. Those gnomes are aboutta see what happens you somethings gets between a man and his fish 'n chips!


I write from the heart lol NO ONE messes with a mans fish and chips



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