The Perfect Tool for the job


If you’re on an iPad Pro, you should totally try out Adobe Fresco! It’s free, with some bonus features if you have the Creative Cloud. Procreate and Affinity are alright, but Fresco is by far the best drawing and painting application I have ever used.


Thanks for the recommendation. I have used Adobe Fresco but stopped the subscription and moved to Affinity. I dont draw as mucn as I used to, and Procreate and Sketchbook do everything I need as a hobbyist.

Glad to see I am not the only one using a digital notebook! The iPad is perfect for this, especially with a apple pencil.

Game On!


I did a quick test to show you the bleed through for the felt pen. This the the front and back of a page from my moleskin. The bottom row is how long I continually colored in that one spot. I don’t think it’s bad bleed through but you can see it a little.


Just wanted to chime in on hardware recs, since I’ve used both Surface and iPad. I have a Surface 4 I’d hoped to use for digital drawing, but it never really felt “right”; the screen is soft, bends slightly to pressure, and I could never get the pressure sensitivity where I wanted it. It’s become more of a laptop device for me, and it’s worked well in that regard. Still usable to draw, but I struggle to do any finished work on it. No idea if the hardware’s improved for drawing since then. If there’s a store with models you can try out, that’s your best bet.

I got an iPad Pro recently, and the drawing experience was night and day comparatively. Solid drawing surface, and using the apple pen feels more natural than the Surface’s stylus. If you go with that, I also recommend the matte screen protector.


For drawing I do a bit traditional and a bit digital. I usually do digital if I intend on sharing it with others because it’s cleaner and I have more colors available.

Traditional: Books with good paper feel and fantasy/tome style covers. I add month + year in a corner of the page I’m at and just draw away from there. I don’t really have a specific approach for this, but I really like putting my thoughts and ideas someplace I can put in a shelf and browse through later.

Digital: I’ve tried various ways to draw digital. Drawing tablet, cintiq and then back to a very small drawing tablet because the cintiq hurt my neck too much. Lately I’ve been drawing on one of the newer surfaces, with a bamboo pen. I’ve simplified my style a lot over the years, reducing my time spent on a drawing to about 15~30 minutes for a complete character design. It’s made me less dependent on precision and detail and has also been a lot more fun.

I might edit this post later to add some images… :thinking:


I want to see some images! I’m considering putting up the rest of this adventure in here as well. :slight_smile:


Here’s the rest of the adventure.

Players have spent several sessions in Galston searching for a PC’s sister. It’s a horrific urban adventure. They’ve uncovered a neighboring kingdom has been smuggling in arms and armor for a coup. They’ve found wealthy defectors sympathetic to the Loriath coup, helping them establish a through-line to the heart of Erdramel. They’ve discovered black science and a warehouse filled with failed clones being sold and smuggled to an entity in Kinsworth, a few days away. So much more has happened. They like the place. They know the organizations, major players, and have been tempted in any way they are weak. They’ve made a difference there as heroes and have gotten many clues to move towards the end game.

Now I’m going to tear that whole city down brick by brick with them inside it.

A wild assault from beneath the city’s dried up mining tunnels rocks the foundation of the city, and the Withered have come to claim the dead in the wake of its destruction. It will be their necropolis for their organization’s motivations, so far a secret in-game.

Normally, we don’t do such combat-heavy adventures, but we’re going to show this town getting ripped apart at several scenes through the city as players move to escape it.


Uniball vision elite are my jam. I truly believe that tools that are easy to use give us our best work. if you have to struggle with pieces of crap:

Then you’re focusing more on getting the dang ink to flow and not letting the ideas flow instead. Nothing holds back progress like a bad pen.