The names of the Three Kings in Alfheim?



I thought I saw the names of the 3 kings in Norburg but I could be wrong. The Core 2E book briefly mentions the 3 kings and the Worlds book mentioned they are true good and will help adventurers. I’m inclined to make up the names of the kings because that’s the DIY RPG thing to do but if my players decide to get the ICRPG books then they might like the consistency.
Does anyone know the names of the 3 kings of Norburg?

Thanks in advance of your time.


Nope. Can’t find any in Core or Worlds.


These were the only three king names I could find in the Core World Primers section:

  • King Kerrus (Ire)

  • King Henryk (Grey)

  • King Duros (Dur Moro - Dwarven King?)

It mentions the “Allied Kings” so maybe these three kings work together at times, but they appear to be kings in different locations that are friendly kings depending on the adventure’s intentions.


King Henryk IS DEAD!!! :sob:



He’s just dead in one alternate universe


the hero kings of Norburg are NOT named.

On one hand, you could say this is accidental, and name them…
On another, you could say that they forsake their old names, and become hidden, anonymous rulers who release personal gain for benevolent duty


I was thinking of DYI naming them for the beginning of my campaign. One of them is going to send a group of adventurers (insert dramatic voice effect) to Crask to learn what has become of a Duke/nephew of the king.

I want to thank everyone for their input.

I love the Core & World book one to two sentence ideas. My feeling is that often with other RPGs (particularly WotC Dnd) you get locked into the preset lore. ICRPG seems very loose and allows for doing whatever works. I hope to place a Warp Shell hook into my Alfheim campaign. I’m hoping the players choose a route that get the hook in their proverbial mouths.