The Mad Man's Carousel



Hail to the shields!
I had mad idea:
“as ICRPG has lots of Worlds setups. We will play few session of them.”
The “timeline” of the plan was:
Blood and Snow
Children of Ire (yes, yes, it’s not from main ICRPG, but it’s still FOR ICRPG )
Age of Snakes (we played few sessions of Alfheim earlier, so we decided to play Alfheim “after the fall”)
Ghost Mountain
Black Light
Altered State
And the final - we runinng Warp Shell campaign.

Magic and Vigilante City we left for later days.

It was quite crazy sessions, with epic actions, plot twists, treason (PC’s betrayed one of the key NPC), PC betrayed PC’s and became demigod…
With wide smile on my face i will remember the time spent in that carousel.
At the end players began to mix the rules, but all went good.
So, if you think about something mad and interesting - try to remember this post.

Thanks for reading, let the Seven Gods be merciful for you!