The Last Flight of the Red Sword GSVTT playkit




I wrapped up (or either slidified) the Last Flight of the Red Sword rooms, tokens and primer intro in a single Google Slides, for a ready self-contained Google Slides VTT experience.

Main reasoning was that it took some time to track all the art in forums and online kits all together, and having all the art self-contained live playbook, could help any other new dude run this intro ICRPG adventure online, without having to learn Roll 20, or other VTT.

Big thanks for @Kreeba for the VTT template and feedback.


  1. It does NOT dispense reading / getting the adventure on ICRPG Core
  2. Using Google Slides as VTT - GSRPG Released (Google Slides RPG)
  3. I put all links and attrbutions to the best of my abilities
  4. Got permission to share this here from the Big Man.

Grid screenshot:


This is something I have been wanting to do … FOREVER!

Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s a great adventure!

Game On!


Great work.

Self contained interactive adventure modules!


@Peterfromfargo You might want to see this :slight_smile:


I see what you did there.

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been using Roll20 for the past year and want to move to Google Slides. Roll20 is great but I really feel I can make quick adds and changes faster with Slides.