The Hollow Knight Custom Character Type



This is a custom character Type based on an amazing metroidvania game called Hollow Knight (I highly recommend play or watching a playthrough or even lore video on this game). This type is focused on having high customizability and many different play styles in one type. The game itself had so many options it was hard to pick just 6 milestones, so this type has 2 extra! I Hope it enjoys use at tables and if you do use it or have any suggestions to to point out about this type please leave me a reply. Happy gaming!

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This looks really fun! While I haven’t payed Hollow Knight I know of it. This conversion seems to be oozing with accuracy flavor wise!

As I read it and consideirng it being a one player video game, I feel like this would be a good character type to play in a one player (GM/player or solo) adventure or campaign. This character is pretty well rounded as far as attacking/magic/hea;ing all in one (which, is good and needed design I imagine for the video game it comes from).


Yes! in the actual game you only had yourself, and no allies, very little in the way of consumables too. It’s funny you bring up solo games because that’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. perhaps that bleed a little into this type



Quick Note: the reason why this one is so vastly different was to make it a bit more accurate to the game its based off (Hollow Knight) and the variety possible but the weight that variety causes. Hence why there’s no MASTERY, all milestones are ITEMS, and there’s so gosh darn many of them. This was made for Much more of a campaign with all Players sharing the same Type but vastly different builds and characters.

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