The Greatest American Hero


A D&D episode of The Greatest American Hero?! Hell yeah! :sunglasses:


This was my favorite show as a young child.


I want to play Wizards & Warlocks! Looks like a cross between D&D and Pokémon Go. :crazy_face:


They squeeze the whole James Dallas Egbert III, steam tunnels and the satanic panic right in. Must have been at the same time as the hysteria.

I had to play d&d in secret during the 90’s cause my folks got caught up in the hysteria.

The whole game seems quite complex for a game that doesn’t exist. How did they get enough comprehension for a single episode? Don’t be a deceitful Troll. Lol.


It was one of mine too, but I really wish I hadn’t just watched this. (Attempts to cast Modify Memory spell on self…)

It’s lost it’s luster for me now. Guess I never realized as a kid how it was poorly scripted. :confused: