The Fragment Character Type for Master Edition



The Fragment was a great class from CORE Warp Shell, but it didn’t quite make it into Master Edition. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t still play one. And with a little bit of effort, we can turn it into a full character type :partying_face:

Really tried to lean into the crystal/YOG side of things with this character type and hope it can walk a good line between striking caster and support. Would love to hear what type of Fragment character you’ve played or would play!

If you want the PDF version of the Fragment, I just have the PDF up on my Ko-Fi Page.


I remember this type from 2e. Its awesome seeing it ported to ME. I like the idea of taking Crystalline Defense and Yog Crystal with an Energy Blade and later on the Supercharge milestone. Build up a sorta Warp Shell equivalent to a party-tank style Warrior. A Space Amazon character.


Thank you so much for sharing with us.