The Flower of Immortality. My contribution to the shieldwall



Salutations to the Shieldwall!

I was looking into my old OneShots folder and found this little gem I made 4-5 years ago when I first played ICRPG 1e! It’s an ice, horror themed oneshot meant to challenge your players and bring a chill down their spines, pun intended thank you very much. It’s based on medieval stories about saints, but you could always spin it any way you want to, and takes place in the highest peaks of the Alps.

I wanted to share my creation here free for anyone to take and modify to suit his own needs. I am by no means an artist but I think it turned out pretty darn sweet. If I remember correctly back when I drew it I never erased anything but wanted to always build with whatever I was doing at the moment, trusting my creative side.

Feel free to take what you want from it or just use it as inspiration.

Let me know if anyone runs it and how it went!

P.S.: Its been a long while since i made it, i am not sure if i balanced it properly back then or whatnot so you might want to rethink some numbers!