The Dilemma of the Second Deltohedron



(Creative Commons credit: D100 by Rlyehable.)

Dice and their function in ICRPG

A normal dice set has 7 dice: d4, d6, d8, two d10s (one with units and one with tens), d12, d20.
ICRPG, as far as I can see, assigns nearly every dice one function.
d20s are for checks, d4 is for BASIC EFFORT, d6 is for TOOLS/WEAPON EFFORT etc.
The exceptions here are the two d10s: the d10 (units) does ENERGY/MAGIC and can be combined with the d10 (tens) to get a d100. The d10 (tens) is never rolled on its own.
If you had to find a way to assign a function to roll this d10 (tens) on its own what would it be and why?


Use it for Luck Checks. 1-5 is bad, 6-10 is good.

I have been thinking of calling these “World Building Checks” as well. Hank talks about the binary choice roll in his OSE recap videos quite a bit; the players ask a binary question that Hank has not determined such as:

  • Is there treasure in this room? Roll a d6 (1-3 No 4-6 Yes)
  • Is there a secret door in this room?
  • Do I know about the history of the orcish tribes?

That binary roll is a great way to answer questions or place things in the world on the fly at the table. So, just for the sake of using all 7 dice, maybe use the Tens Die for this purpose.


That sounds like such a neat and easy idea! Thanks, going to try that. :slight_smile:


Loot rolls are D100, typically involving both D10s.


Honestly? For me, no function on its own except LOOT. Maybe random luck rolls that any other die can do. But you make a good point - are there even any games that roll the tens D10 on its own?

Btw, I still use D8 as Magic and have different rules for guns. Also, in 2E there’s a line that says that when you pick up a D10, your players should start drooling 'cause LOOT IS COMING. I have shared that with my players and they have loved it. (There was a discussion about that here and here.)