The Depths Of Dragon’s Reach (FULL)


I have 2 spots open for a dungeon run in ICRPG Dungeons. Come see what @Jason_Scranton and I have been working on. Game will be on Roll20 and is scheduled for Friday the 26th @ 6pm Pacific.

7 point Characters in addition to Bio-Form bonuses. Let’s roll some dice!


Count me in! I can’t wait to get in on a session with you guys.


The seat is yours, my dude! :metal: I’ll PM you the Roll20 link. :grin: Welcome to Dragon’s Reach.


Want to join in the fun so bad, but have plans already. Will it be on YouTube to check out later?


The games aren’t being recorded yet since the book is still in development, but the closer it gets to done that’s going to change. For now the games are just for the folks at the table. :blush:


I’d like to be in, if it’s okay. Have been trying to get my feel as a player back after DMing for so long. Vacation time is a good fit too!


You’re in! :raised_hands: Welcome to Dragon’s Reach! I’ll send you the Roll20 link via PM. :grin:


2am :sob: such cry, much depressed