The Deck of Dungeons Kickstarter


Hey everyone!
I finally did it and put the Deck of Dungeons live on Kickstarter. Since a lot of you asked for it I would like to ask for your support. It would mean a lot to me to see this project get funded. If you would like to help with this you can see the project here:

And if not: also cool. You can still get the free cards on :wink:


and backed! Thank you!


Thank you so much!! :blush:


It would be awesome if, as a stretch goal or as a higher-level contribution, we got some token that worked with those cards


You are right, that would have been great. Unfortunately the printer sends out the decks directly and there is no space in the tuck box to add something extra. I will remember it for the next time when I create such a thing :wink:


I’m probably getting a set of those anyway.
Just another question if you don’t mind, does the digital files also comes with A4/battlemap-sized versions ?


No problem, ask all the questions you have :wink:
There are no upscaled versions of those maps included in the digital version. I drew them the same size they get printed (a mistake in hindsight, but I am learning :D).


Supported it! :smiley:


Thanks a lot! :blush:


It seems that your kickstarter is building some steam. I think you’re only hick up is so many people seem to want those cubes. Maybe just simply link to a good website?? Not that they are hard to find, but some peoples is lazy :smile:



You’re most welcome!




Grats on the success of you kickstarter! woo hoo!:+1:t3:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!! Really appreciate it :smiley:


at least since it’s kind of BW drawing, it should be easy to vectorize and upscale :crossed_fingers:

Going to back it now! :grin:

EDIT: only backed it today (like one week later, but who’s counting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


This looks fantastic!