The Book of All Worlds



I’ve been holding on to this journal for a while now, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it. It has finally come to me…I play a lot of different games and settings and one-shots and campaigns, have now for over 35 years, and the idea of narrowing the field a bit and bringing them together somehow has long since intrigued me. Then came ICRPG and I found THE system for not only creating and running new games, but also applying the ICRPG ruleset to existing settings.

In my game, Ghost Mountain is the inverse of the Black Castle on Alfheim. The Dead Pinnacles of Ghost Mountain and the Black Castle of Alfheim are shades of one another. And Alfheim is on Urth, the 4th realm (hmm…what are the other three?)…and Urth is on the Warpshell map beyond the Psyker Frontier. So that’s easy…all tied together.

But for my other games and worlds…there’s Earth, right on the Warpshell map. My superhero games and such take place there. Phase sector 471 has a bleed impact on Earth, creating parallel realities where all different settings play out.

My Blood & Snow world, the lands of Volsuung, exist on a frozen planet beyond the Aster Cloud.

I’m modding the original “Metamorphosis Alpha” by Jim Ward into ICRPG and my ship, the Warden, is drifting somewhere through the unchartered territory of the Warpshell map…a treasure trove of 17 levels of different worlds…

So. Many. Story opportunities.

And tying it ALL together? The arcane Wizard Lock that graces the cover of the glorious ICRPG Core book.

So this journal will be my mad scribblings of worlds and shared threads and things that make appearances in other worlds…of Yog crystals and to,watch and races and secrets…things that are found in one world and maybe in another. This is my recording of the multiverse. This is the Book of All Worlds.


I love it! Love the cover!
I too have one leather-bound. But now my son got a Darth Vader notebook with sounds… Not jelly at all…
My journal is named Adventures in the Multiverse


Awesome concept and this is the book to do it in… i’ve been building mine organically for years now and would love to eventaully build a “world” book too… nice share…


Thanks! I’m really excited to start pulling it all together…finding cool ways to drop hints of other worlds and such, like Easter eggs for players to find, or leads for cross world adventures.