The Bard -revised Bard link in comments-



this is awesome. :herocoin:


This is great. Thanks for sharing.

Is there max amount of inspiration a target can have before they use it?


WIS to use songs? This is blasphemy, this is madness! :smile:


The COSMOS has no emotion, and so cannot benefit, or be afflicted by, INSPIRATION (ie: timers, physics, objects, and the like)

Okay, the inanimate COSMOS I can understand, but what about the GODS who control the COSMOS!? :wink: Huh?

"Oh, gods of ICRPG, grant us this boon as I play you this tune!"

Maybe, just maybe, the INSPIRATION can work as a soothing sound to the GODS to temporarily bring about changes in the physical COSMOS (i.e. slowing/stopping time, altering the composition of matter)? Maybe this is a Milestone and always a HARD roll :game_die: with 2 :heart: EFFORT?

Otherwise, like this Bard Class! :+1: I have one player who I think would really enjoy this class a lot.




I like the idea of “instrument repair kit, +3 to attempts to repair” concept. Be good to add that kind of thing for armor repair. Great job


I think it would be limited to how much Inspiration a Bard gets from their roll. They can place the entire amount on a single target. I see the Inspiration coming from an individual song and think a new song would Inspire in a different way and be unable to stack with the previous. Just my two cents though, you can use it at your table how you’d like. :blush:

Haha, no I get it. But knowing the song doesn’t feel like it should be tied to CHA to me. But as always, you can change anything to fit your table. :grin::+1:

I think you give the Gods too much credit. :wink:

@Kreeba, that’s dope! Nice job, dude! :raised_hands:

Nice! Blacksmith’s Kit. :metal: There’s also the Forge Hammer- Tier 1 reward in the Path of Iron from ICRPG Worlds. :blush:


Oh that makes more sense, everything kinda clicks into place for me after hearing the 2nd song removes the 1st.

I thin I have a player who will enjoy this class.


Dude, I can’t wait to play this class myself. I love Bard’s. Hehe. I look at them as a support class, to me they aren’t the hero but make the heroes “a little mo betta than you’re used to.” :blush::+1:

If you run one at the table I’d love to hear how it goes.


what about a Haste/Slow/Stop spell to effect timers.
Tier 3 or 4 Milestone.
hard roll can speed up, slow down or hold a room timer.
only one timer at a time.
Hard Wis check.

as far as the rest of the class. i hope we can make it like this. 1:06

it is a bard style i have always wanted to try to make. physical attacks with sound


Firstly, Kung Fu Hustle is one of the greatest films to grace the screen, Stephen Chow is a badass and I recommend every one of his movies for the betterment of mankind. :blush: :raised_hands:

This sounds like the realm of Mages. I would definitely Inspire a Mage to do this. That’s just my take on it though. :wink::+1:


i concur with your reasoning.


What about making this apart of the inspiration points.

Haste: use inspiration points on self to speed up the tempo and increase Adrenaline.
( getting pumped )
Slow: use inspiration points on self to slow down the tempo and decrease Adrenaline.
(chill out man)

provoke: Cha check. You unleash a string of insults at a creature you can see within range. Taunts the target to attack you.


The Bard Class has been updated after much playtesting in the Warpshell Dragon campaign on Roll For Effort (youtube playlist). Thanks for the input, my dudes! Hero Coins all around! :herocoin:


I love how elegant and reductionist this is.


Oops, forgot to add the link for the revised Bard.


I think the change to CHA was the right call. The music is the medium, but the power is in the spirit.

Man! I can’t get over the simplicity and flexibility of this. It definitely has a home among all the other ICRPG innovations.

@Lakins I’ve also wanted this (a musician combatant). I think MAGIC will give suitable vocabulary and structure to hang this character concept on (maybe an Ancient or Intuitive Wizard).


Really happy to see it so well received. Thanks much!

In the game I’ve been treating Inspiration as a Level 1 spell by Magic rules. Power equals number of allies that can be buffed. So giving the whole Inspiration total to 1 ally is Power 1, but spreading Inspiration to three allies is Power 3, etc. It has been really great at the table.


I love this! Bards are my favorite characters. I must agree with CHA as the source of INSPIRATION.

I am SO making my Warp Shell character a Torton Bard! Imagine the tales that old reptile must know…