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Maybe we should have reported this to someone.


Wonder what treasure he’s talking about?

The Dark of Hot Springs Island - coming soon (potentially 19 or 26 June)

System: ICRPG 2e Core, Magic, Worlds, and the Quick Start Guide

Will you dare the island to plunder its riches or join those cold, timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat?

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I give you points for drama. Just deliver.


Honestly not a lot of interest so far, but this is the first time I’ve put the actual dates in the post.

It was fun building the maps and tokens and learning RHVTT, Owlbear Rodeo, and the others regardless.

We’ll run the The Dark of Hot Springs Island via Discord for voice and Owlbear Rodeo for VTT and dice rolls.

Pending Interest



I’m personally running this for my own group soon. @kane on the discord helped out a bunch with the stats for the bestiary, as well as some great VTT tokens. I’ve got the remaining tokens made as of last night, and will be statting the factions and bosses (best as i can) soon. Hope those help!


That’s a boat load of work, holy cow Antigrav! Not to peek too deep behind the curtain, but I wasn’t even going to worry about most of them until the group gets within striking range.

With so much going on at that island I’m going to set it all in motion then focus only on the session in front of me. At least that’s the plan anyway!