Thank you



In another thread, I mentioned that RPGs helped me get through a really tough time this spring. I go into some detail about what happened in this post (which, who knows, some of you may find helpful).

Anyway, if you look at my blog, you’ll see that when I first started to recover, I was writing about ICRPG. I posted some of that content here.

And that’s where this forum comes in. This crazy, creative, collaborative, enthusiastic community was a source of comfort (apologies for the excessive alliteration). The energy here was positive force during a very negative time.

Thank you. We’ve got a great thing going here.


Glad to hear that your bad days are behind you now.


Good on ya. It helped me too when the going got rough around the G+ days. Eased the ache of life


This is a powerful post, man. First off, you’re courageous as fuck for posting your story. That’s commendable and I hope it provides comfort to someone else who may be experiencing struggles. Thank you.


This is really awesome, thank you for sharing. I just started my first role playing adventure with my 7 yr old and 3 year old last night…then the 12 year old wanted to make a character too. For the littles we are using “Amazing Tales” (thanks @Andreas for the recommendation!) … it was fun to see them all playing together and having fun.

For my 12 year old we are going to get a gaming group started with ICRPG. I’ve made new friends in Fargo and reconnected with old friends in the process.

To top it off, I’m an aspiring GM…and this is bringing back tons of memories reading fantasy (Feist, Eddings, Anthony, Brooks, etc) as a kid…and opening a creative well-spring inside of me to make fun stories.


Powerful story. Keep up the fight my friend. I encourage you to always seek someone out when life gets tough. I unfortunately lost a friend many years ago who didn’t think they could do it. Don’t ever give up!


Thanks, Chuck. I’m very lucky to 1) live in Canada, which helps for medical 2) work for a company that has been very understanding and 3) have a great support network.

I’m so sorry about your friend. Too many stories like that.