Technical Grimoire's Cheat Sheet: Master Edition!


I’ve done a quick and dirty edit of Technical Grimoire’s wonderful ICRPG Rules Reference so it applies to Master Edition 1.7 (The filename of the pdf says 1.7, but the text in the pdf says 1.6? and the title of the pdf says 1.4? it’s all more-or-less compatable anyway). I’m no wizard so it’s not a pdf or anything but I think it works just fine for my purposes. Here it is! And a printer friendly version! I’ve done some truly bizarre things which may not be what you need for your table, like:

  • no reference to spells
  • focus on generic sci-fi over fantasy
  • hero coins as devil’s bargain with GM
  • reordering of some of the sections so it all fits in the columns

I also didn’t work that hard on making the printer friendly version look good because I have no idea how to make that work and frankly the eyestrain of staring into the light of a thousand suns.

Feel free to copy my version on over to your own google drive and do what needs to be done for your players. I just ask that you add to the names of the people who have edited the document and comment with the link to your better thing below!