Taro Sakamoto, the Deadliest Shopkeeper


Taro Sakamoto, Loving Husband, Kindly Shopkeeper, World-class Hit-man
6 :black_heart: +5 All Stats - Impossible to Detect Physical or Mental Presence

  • Innocuous: Taro has settled down with his wife and child to a life of retail work and fried food. Although the extra 80 lbs. don’t slow him down, they’ve given him a doughy, unthreatening appearance.

  • Aura of Assassination: Mr.Sakamoto exudes such palpable killing intent that any item he touches becomes the tool of a world class killer. Pens sever arteries, chewing gum deflects bullets, kitchen knives cut steel. Any item Taro uses to defend himself deals MAGIC effort and crits on a 18-20. As long as Mr. Sakamoto has a means to defend himself, attempts to attack him are HARD.

  • Reformed: Taro will only attack if him or anyone in his quiet pastoral life is in mortal danger. Even then, he will only inflict superficial wounds. Anyone reduced to zero HP by his attacks automatically succeeds their roll to resist death, however any attempts to heal the damage in combat are HARD.

  • Merchant of Death: Mr.Sakamoto refuses to teach his techniques to anyone or accept anymore of his old work, but he is happy to hire the players. He might ask for unsavory individuals in the local area to be driven out or arrested, rare items to stock his shop, or extra shifts on the weekends. He will repay the players with a minimum wage salary and items infused with his killing intent (the item has the benefits of aura of assassination for 2d4 uses).