Hi everybody!
Brand new to the forums.
My buddy’s (The Murder Hobo Show) love for ICRPG was infectious and I caught the bug! Despite having very little experience playing this game, the designer in me couldn’t resist hacking away at it to create my own setting.
Here’s the pitch!
You were the victim of a tragic encounter with the supernatural. Your life was forever changed. You have banded together with other victims to keep Humanity safe from unnatural harm. You are Tarnished.
Influences: Ash vs the Evil Dead, Hellboy, Dylan Dog.

I plan to use this thread to provide progress updates. I understand there’s another forum category for this but I felt that it was too early at this point. If the moderators wish to move this topic there, that’s cool with me.

Have a great day!


Welcome to the shield wall! I’m super glad you caught the bug!!!


Thank you! Really digging Altered State!


Welcome to the Shield Wall… Love the premise. Hope to see more of it!

Game On!


Sounds intriguing. I am looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing.


Oh great, now Eric is here!

Welcome, you Canuck!


So far I’ve laid out a few “Bio-forms” (until I find a better term). We have mortals, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, and lycanthropes. I’m still working on good tags for them. Some are too “cartoony” for me and I’m also trying to find a good balance and diversity for each. Mortals, for instance, start out with a few Contacts. This is a new kind of Loot.
Classes are called Callings and I have a few. Trying to capture familiar tropes. They are the Chosen, Slayer, Protector, Occultist, Blessed, and Investigator.
I’m also working on the Loot tables with categories like Relics, Gadgets, and Starter Loot called Tools of the Trade.
Another thing I’m doing is studying Vigilante City, Schools of Magic, and next is the ICRPG Magic. Ideally, I’d want Vigilante City and Magic to be compatible with Tarnished.


That all sounds really cool @NoSleevesMcGee. It reminds me very much of Monster of the Week, which is awesome.


Yes! That is a very cool game and the comparison will be inevitable.


Well, your work will be better because it’s ICRPG based.


I just got a writing gig so I’m gonna be busy with that until Memorial Day but plan on resuming work on Tarnished once that’s complete.
In the meantime, my partner at Just Insert Imagination continues to work on the Loot tables. We’ve actually released an ICRPG product before. It’s an adventure scenario called Size Matters and it’s available on Drivethrurpg.
Also, I wanted to lay down the goals I have for this project. I did that for my last RPG, Wiseguys, and it worked out for me. It helped me stay the course and to determine when the writing was done.
For Tarnished I want:

  • To gain a better understanding of ICRPG and its design
  • Get over my disdain of loot and embrace it instead (I’m a low-fantasy kinda guy)
  • Provide the tools for people to build their own modern fantasy adventures
  • Create a vibrant and inspiring setting

Stay safe and behave!
—NoSleeves McGee


Wiseguys is great (I was a Kickstarter backer). Super clean layout and design. Glad to have you on the ICRPG team.


Thanks for the compliments and support Scott!