Talislanta ICRPG edition



how many of you have heard about this RPG? http://talislanta.com/

do you think it would be a great setting to run ICRPG with?


One, the illustrations by P.D. Breeding are fantastic, and wonderful fuel for the imagination. The Beastiary is full of unique creatures and amazing images of them.

It has all you need. Rich world, maps, regional setting information and many unusually unique races and cultures. Sorcerer guide for magic disciplines and resources, BUT the magic system is not simple in its original format.

Its a bit core mechanic dense, not uncommon for the late 80s. Uses the traditional attributes, but similar to Stormbringer/RQ that your character is based on what you select as a “career” all bonus attributes, special abilities are tied to the choice.

You could convert it into ICRPG core mechanics easily IMO. Spells as written in the game lend themselves to the ICRPG scaffle to make your own with little work. Change race-career choices to tags, milestones, etc and enjoy


which edition of Talislanta would be easiest to translate?


Well, if you are from a 5e background I would expect the latest would be more intuitive for you to “translate/convert” to your GM style.

The previous editions were their own core mechanic around the DnD core attributes and a d100 core mechanics related to chose you character background “class”.

Hope that helps.


You could make any setting work with ICRPG, really. Might require some tweaking mechanically depending on the feel you want it to have.


im more of a beginner gm.


Love Talislanta! Still have my beat up original 3rd edition book from way back, hehe. ICRPG can handle any setting, you should be good to rock. :metal:


im trying to convert Monsters from Talislanta to ICRPG what i got so far is is the Duadir image

so far I given this guy 2 hearts and a bite attack. anything else i should add?


I’d give it 2 Actions, a claw attack, and an AOE tail attack as well. Plus I’d give the bite attack a second strike on a roll of 15+, that way the other head gets some action too. Hehe. :metal:


thanks for the suggestion .


would races stil be lifeforms or something?


Yep. A lifeform is just a tag with a specific field on the character sheet, and usually grants 2 floating points to stats or effort, or some other mechanical or narrative benefit, though doesn’t need to.


After looking over one of the books briefly the flavor text along with the art would make converting them not to hard i think, but i am still new to ICRPG coming from 4 years of DMing other games