Talespire, who will use it?


So Talespire is entering beta on 31st of this month

I intend to run ICRPG games on it. Who else is joining the beta ?


It looks cool as hell for sure, but I imagine it is going to be expensive, especially if every person playing has to buy it (which I understand, but it can be hard to get everyone on board).


Yea its 20$ , but than its free to keep. ( unlike some other tools that require subscription :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

But sure. Its investment. However, I personally play almost exclusively online. So Its very nice to have.


Twotricks, will you make a video when you try the beta?


Oh I thought it would be like, 80 bucks or more, or based on subscription haha. 20 I can probably do!


Sorry mate. I dont think I will stream or make vids. But I am sure plenty other will :thinking:


I’m signed up for the early access, and a buddy of mine was an early Kickstart backer. We’re both keen to explore it. The early access / beta will be Windows only, though, which means neither of us will actually be able to use it!


I won’t be using it, at least in the near future.

In its current state, it has little to offer beyond what Tabletop Simulator has except it looks way better (similar to what a real table with minis looks) and designed for RPGs, rather than board games. These pros are nice but not a reason for me to make the plunge.

It has the same cons as TTS:

  • People find using 3D tabletops hard.
  • It requires more beefy computers.
  • No automation, no charsheets, nothing. This is not really a downside for ICRPG and other simpler systems but I won’t be playing D&D etc. with this.
  • Creating and using 3D content is harder and way more time consuming when compared to 2D. I can slap around a 2D map in minutes whereas it takes so much more time in 3D.


If you are mainly playing live with people. Yea, its surely not needed.
Although I often use virtual miniatures and board even with live parties.

I still didnt test the game. But from what i seen, it looks super easy to both play and GM

No automation, yet. And beside when you play live with people there is no automation, and it never diminished enjoyment.

It is map maker with 3d assets, you should look some streams to see how easy is to create maps. I would argue, its easier than in most 2d map makers that are available.


I’m playing online and was evaluating TaleSpire from that point of view. For playing live, nothing beats real 3D terrain for me but that’s neither here nor there. Using technology during live play doesn’t sit well with my group. They lose their engagement so fast that it’s no fun for anyone.

I don’t play D&D live and I won’t play it live precisely due to the lack of automation. For those who don’t mind wasting precious time calculating 10d6 fireballs, TaleSpire provides a similar experience and can be a good fit. Yet currently Tabletop Simulator does the same thing and with proper mods you can turn it into a somewhat capable RPG experience. Maybe even more so than TaleSpire at this point.

Currently I’m running D&D Lost Mines of Phandelver on Fantasy Grounds for my online group and it is such a smooth experience (for D&D). It even kinda made me somewhat like D&D a little. But like I said, that’s just me.

As for the future, I think TaleSpire will overtake Tabletop Simulator in the RPG VTT space. That said, I’d expect at least 2 years before that happens. They don’t even have mod support at this point.

Anyway, that’s my take and even with all these downsides, TaleSpire is on my Steam wishlist. That doesn’t mean I’ll buy it of course, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.


I like it but there is no sci-fi or modern tiles… But it so far seems easy to use and I like it. And may use it when its more mature…


I am considering moving to TTS from Roll20 and FG because of the 3D maps and miniatures. It’s just so much more immersive and engaging to me as the GM than the 2D Maps. And thanks to @murderhoboshow I think it’s not even that time consuming to do with a bit of practice.

I also backed Talespire but without any character sheet function it’s not that great a fit.


If you improve your asset collection to a big enough of a pool, then you can smack together maps pretty quickly.

TTS is great for ICRPG and other similarly simple RPGs. 3D is a bit clunky but you’ll get used to it. For immersion, it is unequalled. You can even use a virtual reality headset to play in virtual 3D. That can be a little overkill at this point but that is possible too.

@Murder_Hobo_Show has a big collection of ready to use maps so that’s another benefit.


I would love to try the virtual glasses… I think that’s next level for me!

TTS gets much faster the more you use it. Like anything I guess. After a while you start to remember the assets you had or have seen on other maps. You get a saved assets folder structure and start using the search function more to find things.

It gives me the most “at the table feel” but I don’t have those crafting skills.


I feel exactly the same.


Isn’t the beta delayed 'cause of one of the team is sick or something ?




I received this on 29 March 2020

"You’ve received a project update for TaleSpire, a Kickstarter project!

Read “Quick update regarding BackerKit” on Kickstarter.




Sadly yes … Hope to see it in a week from now


I’ll probably be picking this up but for very different reasons… I plan to build maps, screenshot them, then import to roll20. :smiley: Then I get cool rendered maps when I want them, and I get all the ease, content and automation of roll20. It’s the best of all worlds.