TAGS Vs. LOOT: How do you like your classes in ICRPG?



I use both… Tags for skills and abilities… Loot for, well, loot!

No issues and works great, especially for my RIFTS games.

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You can always turn loot into tags for your character…
so the old scout’s Meditation Beads become “Meditator” (+1 WIS). Done :wink:


Yes!.. I have done this on numerous occasions as a Milestone or Heroic Reward for some of my games… Especially when the character does something super heroic/brave/insane.

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@COBRA_Goon I like the idea of having advancement somewhat tied to improving certain Loot and gaining a Tag. I’d want to.associate it with something- just carrying an item for a certain number of sessions seems too easy… Maybe having to complete a quest or trial for Loot->Tag.


I do both! Tags are mostly limited to character creation to define your “class” or character concept. Sort of like class features in D&D, PCs get to pick a couple Tags that show what they get to do because they’re trained as a “Monster Hunter”, “Jedi Knight”, “Knight of Meridia”, etc. As they adventure Loot is more common, but Tags can be gained at Milestones/Tiers.