Table-Aid: 2-Channel Mixer App


Hey shields,

since I’m diving deeper into Cthulhu-inspired games with my ICRPG table group, I was looking for a way to improve the ambience. Music has been a huge tool for me since I started out tabletop gaming, but having a single track isn’t always what I’m looking for. I wanted to blend multiple audio things on the fly, like ambience noises (rain, wind, squeaking floor, pub noises etc.) and “tone” stuff (like old timey music, tension-filled stuff or combat music).

So I created a simple, html-based, 2-channel audio mixer, runnable in a browser (e.g. on a tablet device or even a smartphone).
(WIP, free to use, share and modify).

How to Use: Browse the link in your browser (preferably with Firefox for best functionality, I had issues with the default chrome browser) on your device. Add music to the channels, adjust the balance slider and go!

It’s just a tiny tool, which I can’t wait to use on my next table game.


/EDIT: Modified stuff in order to use it online without downloading.


Oh wow! Thank you for this awesome tool! I will be using it for sure!


Outstanding, sir. Vielen Dank!


Hey guys,

I’ve updated the mixer app, simplified the UI (rewrote the entire thing ^^) and managed to host it, so it can be easily used on your device without downloading the html-file or so.

Just browse, upload your stuff and play!

(Original post has been updated)



This is a really brilliant idea.


Any idea on a way to stream the sound through Discord? I wonder if it’s possible to stream the sound from a firefox tab.


Streaming sounds via discord isn’t that great, because discord tries to optimize the audio for voice, which worsens music (at least this happened when we were using things like Groovy Bot back in the days).


Meanwhile we’ve got another update on the mixer, now featuring multi tracks.

Link remains the same as above