Super excited about this



On Sunday I ran my first game of ICRPG. I’m totally hooked, and I can’t wait to play more! Our game was supposed to be a one-shot, but all my friends want to keep playing.

I like the settings in the core book, but I really wanted my story to exist in its own world. So, I cerated my own bioforms, and set out to make the world for our campaign. I wanted to keep things simple, so I mapped my bioforms directly to the Alfheim bioforms. I’m woking on making the world bigger now that they want to continue.

DM Notebook Pages
...I just want to be a frog!
After the Garden

In case anyone is interested. This is the player aid I made of the bioforms. My friends are experienced with 5e, but didn’t know anything about ICRPG.


That Artwork is so damn cool! I really love it! Hope your world grows and at one Point you will think about sharing it with us ;O)
Keep up the Effort, its always worth it


Haha these are so lovely! Welcome to the fold! :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to ask questions if you should have any.


This is great! And totally what ICRPG is designed for…how to easily, and CREATIVELY, turn your vision into gaming reality. Well done, sir! Now I’m inspired to do something similar…thank YOU for sharing!


Thanks! I’m glad you like my illustrations. Kickstarter is doing this thing called “Zine Quest” right now, and I was thinking about trying to put the first campaign together into a little zine for it. I have a big job this month, so I’ll have to hold off and see if I have the time.


I LOVE this! I would love to use your world and assets to play with my boy. He is 5 so I have been looking to get some friendly/appealing visuals for him to get into this.


That is awesome! My daughter is almost 2, and I’m looking forward to playing with her one day. It might be a week or so until my schedule opens up for me to put something together, but I will definitely do it.

Can I ask what everyone thinks? Would it be silly to do a Kickstarter for a little zine style world book? It would just be a simple world primer (with ICRPG as the suggested system), and some print and play figures. Either way, I would still post some assets here since there is interest.


personally, I like the idea. New worlds are always fun to explore, especially when it isn’t just more of the same. I would almost guarantee people would eat this up - even outside this forum. You could keep it just generic. The world primers in ICRPG Worlds book are just that - primers.


Your art is unreal! Glad you had fun and hope to see you around!


I don’t think it’s a silly idea at all. If you keep it open to outside systems, but use ICRPG as the “suggested” you allow for more potential backers…plus, you can deviously convert them to this incredibly awesome, flexible system. People love new world AND zines…so bam, add in your super appealing art and you should be good. A zine shouldn’t take that much backing and so you won’t have a huge amount to hope to cover. I’d try it! And let us know here, I’m sure you’d get lots of backers.


Absolutly! I want to convert everyone. I’m not sure how the “For use with Index Card RPG Core” bug works if it’s something you are sellling. Eitiher way, I definitely would want to push that people should get into ICRPG.

Yeah, I would set the goal really low, just to cover some of my time putting it together. My day job involves running Kickstarter’s (and I have done some on my own), so it wouldn’t be a big deal to do a small one for fun like this.

All this would still hinge on me having enough time for it. I would want to do it before the end of the month while Kickstarter is running Zine Quest. I’m really glad to hear that people like the idea!


Take a look at
A buck fiddy and “For Use with ICRPG Core.” But when in doubt, message ol Hankerin himself! He is pretty responsive to this sorta stuff.


That is super helpful actually, thanks! I think I will try to contact him if I do this. I could always make it a generic adventure primer, but ideally I would love to have it show off ICRPG.


So, over the weekend I decided I’m going to make this happen. The positive response here, has spurred me to want to make this happen.

I need to make some decision on content though. Even though my art is fairly lighthearted, my subject matter isn’t always. This is a bit of a spoiler I suppose, but the adventure I want to include involves a magical parasite that could destroy the heroes from the inside out (yes, xenomorph style), if they don’t make it to the center of a temple. This was the one-shot, that is now the beginning of the campaign, I came up with for my players.

@Vihar (and anyone else that is interested for that matter), do you think this story is too dark? Should I rework the story? If families might use this, I don’t want to ALIENate anyone that’s looking for something a little more whimsical.


I think you should write what you are looking to write. The adult in me would love to play that. The whimsical nature of your art has a wonderful juxtaposition from the darker content you want to write for it.

The Dad in me says that story line can be easily tweaked for a more family friendly theme. Again, your art screams whimsy and I think would be wonderfully evocative for kids. Maybe instead of this magical parasite destroying the heroes, it makes them into some sort of zombie like person that does low level mischief or maybe changes them into a mushroom. The un-affected heroes have to find a cure for it before the whole town becomes like this.

My kid just watched a show (True: Magical Friends on Netflix) where the premise was this magical bird had hatched away from its mother. For one reason or another, the baby chick went around town and kissed the citizens turning them into the same kind of chick. Not out of mischief, but just as a side affect of the kind of bird it was. They could only break this and revert the citizens back by rounding up the bird and getting it to its mother on a mountain for a kiss without being turned into a chick herself. This show is a goldmine of ideas for children’s adventures.


This is extremely rough, and things will definitely change before I do the final. I just thought I would share.

Some more world/story:
Behem is both the city and the province that the adventure starts in. The city of Beheme is built in and around the skull of the largest giant to ever live. It hasn’t been that long since the rain of giants ended, so this is the only city for miles.


I do like your Art and your Ideas and therefore i hope you make a world primer. I will buy one for sure


I second that. @jordanwmartin your art is lovely. I’d love to see what you come up with.


Love it! I am giddy with anticipation hehehe