Super cheap terrain ideas


So I heard about using jenga blocks for dungeon walls and leveled areas.

I see Spanish moss on some Runehammer videos for “brush”.

I was thinking lego stuff for “dungeon decor”.

Cardboard for everything else…

Do you have any “cheapo” terrain ideas?


If you’re looking for ideas, check out this dungeon in a suitcase. @Meadbeard was kind enough to break out the set and explain everything in it. I made one for myself and it has been an awesome addition because now I feel I have everything I need.

My other favorite cheap terrain are these pillars from Black Magic Craft. Super cheap. Super easy. And oh my gosh, do they add to the table.


I’ve been playing with papercraft stuff, as it’s a little easier for me. I don’t have a good workspace for painting, but I can get away with scissors and craft knives at the dining room table. :slight_smile: I don’t have the skill currently to create enough interesting texture and depth using paints, so printing stuff from actual artists gives me better output.

For fantasy / dungeon stuff, I’ve just started trying out Crooked Staff models, following his simple 2.5d build instructions.

For sci-fi, I printed off these platforms, and also these Sci Fi tiles (again from Crooked Staff). I’m currently working on building a floorplan from these for some upcoming Flight of the Red Sword sessions. (Photos to come soon, I hope!)

There’s also a huge assortment of really great, free models at Genet Models. The Module::Core, Derelict II Megaset, and Firebase Maginot all look great.


XPS foam. Comes in sheets are are often blue, pink or yellow. You get heaps for very little money.